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Spotlight: Simply Brick And Their Newly Favorable Ballad, "TY&A"

Montreal's Simply Brick's new ballad has everyone captivated! The dream-alt-two-piece expresses their undeniable talent throughout their new release, "Simply Brick."

The 2020 formed duo consists of Ariel Bouchard on guitar and Corrina Fisches on Bass and Vocals. The duo created their versatility through dreamy sounds and alternative esque.

Simply Brick released their fresh, new single titled "TY&A," a passionate and sweet record, the epitome of their dreamy sound. "TY&A" sounds like a daydream; what more could we ask for from the Montreal prodigies?

The record takes you somewhere special with its spacious guitar sounds, leaving you in awe of its in-depth and heartfelt lyricism. The soundscape and lush percussion compliment Corrina's vocals beautifully, delivering their raw emotion effortlessly. Simply Brick's creative ways of expressing relatable lyrics draw you into the perfect listening experience.

In their recent interview with BuzzMusic, we asked Simply Brick how "TY&A" contrasts with their previous releases, and they mentioned that " is our first ballad and has the most vocal layers we have ever done. Corrina spent hours in the studio harmonizing and underlining certain words; if you listen carefully, you can hear all the different layers."

Simply Bricks explains that the impact that they would like to listen to experience is the purest form of love. Whether it be to someone emotionally or just family and friends, "the melancholic emotion in this song represents how temporary, transient moments we will have with the people we love."

Check out the full song review and interview for their new dreamy single "TY&A" here.


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