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Spotlight: Skunk Oil Will Amplify Your Senses

Photo: Rachel Gray
Photo: Rachel Gray

Boston music group Skunk Oil consists of Brazilian musicians Dennis D'Angelo on guitar, Lucas Tadini on the keyboard, as well as former drummer Caio Moskalkoff. Their inspiration stems from various aspects of life, and not a single entity. As a result, the offerings from Skunk Oil are well-balanced and give raw and in-the-moment interpretations of life. 

Predominantly embodying a mix of contemporary and old-school rock stylings, Skunk Oil presents their music with a series of explosive eccentrics. You can expect to receive eerie and unforgettable soundscapes, tied into striking and theatrical visuals.

Skunk Oil creates a sound that will most likely stick with you, meaning the product they offer has a bit of potency to it! Take that as you may, but chances most definitely are that you'll find yourself craving more of the lucid effects the band has to offer! Skunk Oil has proven to have creative versatility. We can't ever assume what they'll deliver next, and so it's sufficient to say that the band keeps us on our very tiptoes.

Whichever direction they take next, we're sure that their alternative edge will never be compromised. Listeners can look forward to track releases in the near future by Skunk Oil, as it's confirmed that the music group is in the works to release more mysteriously-driven music.


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