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Spotlight: Spitty Gets Real in, "Deep End"

Canadian artist Spitty has proven his versatility as a Hip/Hop artist time and time again. His last covered release, "Deep End", which saw a feature from artist KAEVOX, encapsulated soul, passion, and heart.

Spitty took familiar Hip/Hop elements from notorious artists such as J.Cole and fused them with his own chilling style. The mixing of Spitty was one to remember, there's incredible maturity with the approach he took on, and the lyrical content from KAEVOX only helped to propel Spitty's single forward.

When we caught up with Spitty, he elaborated that the "Deep End" songwriting process took quite some time. He had the storyline in mind but had no idea how to accurately unfold it for his listeners. With a somber narrative, "Deep End" journeys through some harsh realities that Spitty had to endure, and yet, brings a bright lesson to light with life itself.

To check out more on Spitty's song release "Deep End", discover his interview here.

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