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Spotlight: The American Hotel System And Their Thought-Provoking EP, "Stories"

Are you a rock fan? Do you appreciate a good quality performance rooted in nostalgic alt/rock nuances, then The American Hotel System is the next band to add to your feel-good playlist.

The soul and passion the 5-piece rock band possesses are sensational. The band admits that their latest release, "Stories," which includes 3 tracks, was put on the backburner for quite some time (3 years in total). Then, the pandemic era-inspired bouts of motivation to finish off the EP, which has since been focused on conspiracies and distractions. Each song holds an impactful message worth digging into lyrically.

The American Hotel System emphasizes that "Stories" is all about things that are "true, good and beautiful." They understand that many people are on the search for a meaningful life and so they felt "Stories" was the right kind of song to add to the conversation positively.

With so much uncertainty left in the air over the past couple of years, The American Hotel System are keeping their heads in the right place and bringing new perspectives to light through the art of their music.

If you're seeking deeper meaning and thought-provoking lyricism, then The American Hotel System and its music will bring a whole lot of spice to your life.

Check out the full BuzzMusic article on The American Hotel System and their 3-track EP, "Stories," here.


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