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Spotlight: The Femme-Powered Anthem “Something True” Holds a Copious Amount of Reflective Tenors

On tour the past summer, Maddisun, and Tenise Marie have us exploring the country-pop realm of music in an immersive way. Maddisun has always incorporated heartrending tenors into the music that she crafts. After connecting with Tenise Marie through the music industry, they showcase their harmony and unity as they blend togetherness in a song titled “Something True.”

With pedal steel courtesy of Matt Kelly, the brilliance laced into the sweet sounds of this record are purely collaborative effort split down the middle. Reflecting both of their unique sounds, the resonance weaved into this piece has us reminiscing on the bittersweet moments of summer coming to an end. Aiming to have their listeners grasp the nostalgia that stirs warm breezes and beachy hair into their memory, the connection between these powerful female artists is remarkable.

Be sure to hang onto the last bits of summer with “Something True,” on all digital platforms.


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