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Spotlight: The Full Rundown On Angvl's Latest Passionate Release

If you're craving some cherry pie, search no longer, as Angvl just delivered some on a silver platter to his listeners with his impassioned, hearty ballad, titled none other than "Cherry Pie."

Hailing from Los Angeles, Angvl is the type of artist to pack in his vulnerabilities and emotions into his music for all to unravel. Wearing his emotions all over his body, Angvl is the down-to-earth, sweet-loving artist that prefers to craft affecting songs that give listeners an authentic experience.

The ideology behind his latest song, "Cherry Pie," was centered around his infatuation with a particular individual. Backed by lo-fi production, "Cherry Pie" was meant to be Angvl's perfectly crafted ambient song that expressed his various truths. He wanted to deliver a vivid and vibrant performance, and with his heartfelt personality, he was able to achieve it (and then some).

Look out for Angvl's future music, as this article is planning on debuting another single as fast as you can eat your cherry pie.

Read the full BuzzMusic article on Angvl and his song, "Cherry Pie," here.


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