Spotlight: The Mantra Discord Expands on Their Recent Release, "Impressions"

The Southern California-based math-rock/post-rock duo The Mantra Discord expands on the brilliant soundscapes and meaning of their latest stimulating single, "Impressions."

Consisting of Jeremy Arcibal on drums and Russ Weisenthal on guitar/bass, The Mantra Discord is continuously evolving their sound, which can be heard through the versatile string arrangements and exhilarating guitars within their recent hit, "Impressions."

Touching on the meaning behind "Impressions" in a recent interview with us, The Mantra Discord mentioned that they wanted to deliver a different and darker aspect to modern math-rock/post-rock. The unique blend of strings and claps challenged the duo to step outside of their comfort zone.

"'Impressions' is about the beginning of something different and unique and just leaving our own mark, letting everyone know we are here," says guitarist/bassist Weisenthal. "Impressions" sat in an old unreleased catalog for quite some time. That said, The Mantra Discord thought it would give listeners a solid introduction to their versatile and dynamic sound.

Currently working on their full-length album slated for a late 2021/early 2022 release, The Mantra Discord encourages their audience to get to know their unique sounds through their latest single, "Impressions," available on all digital streaming platforms.