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Spotlight: The Very Reverend

Being a west coast, alternative artist, The Very Reverend releases a sweeping single that moves through a gloomy, nocturnal, slow tempo sound. The new single “BELLADONNA,” uses lyrical and vocal metaphors to examine love, sex, and the human condition with each authentic, pop hook.

Using horror show synths, and a rumbling heartbeat bass, “BELLADONNA” examines the appeal humans have for toxic lovers and the attacking nature of this love that can engulf you as a whole. The Very Reverend hopes listeners are able to feel this track as if it was a slow dance in the prom of hell as his newest track is a love song gone wrong.

Feeling unsatisfied with just one genre, The Very Reverend draws influence from not only alt-rock but pop, electronic, and other film-style composers. “BELLADONNA” bends the rules of what rock was and could be but has allowed The Very Reverend to make a splash in the industry as he continues to carve out his own unique space.



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