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Spotlight: Tyke James Matures with His Music

Bringing us a new sound all the way from Laie, Hawaii, the young musician Tyke James is beginning to make a name for himself.

Born in the year 2000 in Arizona, he moved to live in Montana before ending up in Oahu at the age of 12. Moving to the island kindled his passion for music and performing, and he began to work towards a future as a musician.

In 2018, Tyke James had the opportunity to reach the top 12 on season 15 of The Voice, where he cultivated a friendship with Adam Levine. The following year, Tyke ended up releasing his debut EP “Alaska” while living in Salt Lake City in his van called Craig.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, Tyke James describes the evolution of his music style since his debut release “Alaska” in 2018, compared to his most recent track “saw u in a dream.”

Tyke James explains, “this song, in particular, is a really big jump for me. Up until now, my songs have really lived in the folk-rock/singer-songwriter realm, but with this song, I am trying out more of a bedroom-pop /Lorem/ Indie style and I’m really excited to see how my audience responds to it.”

Discover the full interview with Tyke James, here.

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