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Surrender Yourself to the Infectious Grooves of, "saw u in a dream"

Tyke James is a singer-songwriter hailing from Laie, Hawaii. He was born in Arizona in the year 2000 and was living in Montana before finding himself in Oahu at the age of 12.

The island sparked his love for music and performing, as it forged his lifestyle and beliefs. In 2018, Tyke became friends with Adam Levine during his time on season 15 of The Voice. He reached the top 12 of his season before being eliminated. In January of the following year is when Tyke moved into his van Craig, in Salt Lake City, and released his first solo EP titled, ‘Alaska.’

Going strong with the momentum that he has formed for himself, Tyke James presents his 2021 release of the single, “saw u in a dream.” Honing in on the melodic essence of his soul-infused timbres, we hear Tyke James over eclectic instrumentation, as he pours his heart into intricately crafted lyrics. The syncopated grooves have us swaying to acoustic and electronic elements as this sonic hybrid gives us life.

Before hearing “saw u in a dream,” we didn't know that this was the type of energy we craved. The abstract canvas of it all has us fully immersed in soothing croons that have us basking in lyrical motifs such as, ‘in a world, extraordinarily bright. like you’re always on a high. hazy from marijuana.’ What we admire the most about “saw u in a dream,” has to be the way the infectious rhythm has you moving to each note as you get lost in the music.

Sneaking through the textures of Tyke James’ vocal delivery is an overwhelming amount of passion. Refreshing in the way it’s conveyed, we appreciate how the full-bodied composition allows us to feast on each element that shines through a charismatic wave of talent.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Tyke James, and congratulations on the release of, “saw u in a dream.” With such abstract lyrics pulling us into this arrangement, we would love to know; what inspired the creation of this song?

I actually wrote this song about a dream I had. It was such a visual dream, I was just so impressed at my brain for coming up with it. I wrote it down when I woke up and wrote a song about it.

If your audience takes away one thing from this piece, whether that be an emotion or message, what would you want it to be?

The theme of this song and the next few I’ll be putting out is dreams. I’ve recently become so fascinated with dreams and their meanings and the effect they have on a person, whether they’re aware of it or not.

How have you found yourself growing in your craft from your 2018 release of ‘Alaska,’ to this moment now?

This song in particular is a really big jump for me. Up until now, my songs have really lived in the folk-rock/singer-songwriter realm, but with this song, I am trying out more of a bedroom-pop /Lorem/ Indie style and I’m really excited to see how my audience responds to it.

What's next for you?

This is the first of many singles that I’ve been working on for the past year. I’m doing all of the recording & production myself and it’s been a really fun growing experience creatively! My plan is to continue releasing my music this way, probably about a single a month, until at least the end of the year!


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