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Spotlight: Untdld Spreads a Message of Faith

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Hip-Hop artist Untdld now resides in the City of Brotherly Love in Pennsylvania where his contagious musical personality is beginning to trend.

The Philadelphia artist discovered his passion for Hip-Hop at a young age and found himself inspired by well-known artists such as Mos Def, The Roots, Gospel Music, and the Chicago-native Kanye West. In early 2016, Untdld made the life-changing decision to progress from a fan into a Hip-Hop artist himself. With dynamic energy levels that bounce effortlessly between each verse, Untdld offers a futuristic edge to old-school Hip-Hop vibes.

Deriving his strength and confidence from God, Untdld aims to share the importance of personal relationships with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. He uses his platform to remind listeners of their many blessings and encourages self-reflection through his lyrics. With plans to release more music, videos, and an EP in the late summer, fans are keen to hear what else Untdld has to offer.




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