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Spotlight: Waterfront

As a group of Canadian music students made the trip to Vancouver, Canada, over the summer of 2020 they had the opportunity to produce an EP single filled with animated soundscapes and hard-hitting melodies. After a weaving abundance of various energy-filled instrumentals “New Heights,” was born.

Drawing inspiration from Punk, Rock, and Indie Genres, this timeless single keeps listeners on their toes with each high-impact lyrics and multidimensional soundscapes. “New Heights” is filled with in-your-face energy that is the embodiment of an unapologetic single.

When asked about the creative process while recording this track Waterfront explained that this debut EP single shares an evolution of their band and music. The experience of producing this single allowed Waterfront to turn difficult obstacles into the best times of their lives.

With more EP and singles on the way, summer will be filled with more touching music from Waterfront.

Discover more about Waterfront, here.



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