St. Levi Pours His Heart Into His Latest Hit, "All Over Again"

From Israel to California, the artist, singer, and multi-instrumentalist St. Levi releases a fun-loving tune titled "All Over Again."

Learning guitar at the age of 9, and production at the age of 15, St. Levi knew he was bound to create sensational music that purifies the soul.

Doing this with his latest hit "All Over Again," St. Levi sings a heartfelt song towards someone who he can't shake from his mind. This modern-day ballad screams love from the rooftops and intrigues us with upbeat and electrifying pop production. A very melodic and fun-loving track, St. Levi goes in with his entire heart on this piece. 

"All Over Again" opens with soft acoustic guitar picking that quickly moves into a whole-sounding pop beat. With added keys for melody and upbeat percussion patterns, we're easily able to place ourselves in the heart of this track.

St. Levi begins vocalizing his pure intentions towards someone he loves and begins complimenting them and their every move. The song builds to be very engaging, primarily through St. Levi's energetic delivery and ability to ride along with the soulful instrumentals. Not only are his lyrics incredibly touching, but the entire atmosphere he's set captures that surreal feeling of loving someone for who they are.

St Levi's track "All Over Again" reminds us that true love exists, and gives us the courage to fall in love "All Over Again." 

Welcome to BuzzMusic, St. Levi! We're loving the atmosphere you've captured with your recent hit, "All Over Again." Could you tell us what inspired you to write a unique and upbeat love song?

Thank you so much! The thing that inspired me the most to write this one is the deep eagerness to that person who will make you want to spend the rest of your days with, I felt like I couldn’t find this person, that I am just flawless to me, but eventually, I have actually really found, right when I released “All Over Again”, so here’s a big shoutout to her, I love you!

The lyrics within "All Over Again" are incredibly sweet and very genuine. How did you go about your songwriting process, and what helped you write lyrics that explain your deep passion for this person?

There’s a beautiful line in Mike Posner’s “Buried In Detroit” that says “I like my songs how I like my women, honest and to the point”, I’m a big believer in honesty, both in my relationship and both in my music, those lyrics are really all of my feelings, I’ve written them in a type of way like I already into the relationship, but in fact that at this period of time I felt really lost so I guess writing this song like that helped the Law of Attraction work for me.

What's interesting about your song "All Over Again" is that it's very balladic, yet provides upbeat instrumentation. How did you initially want the song to feel, and why do you think the lively instrumentals fit so well with your lyricism?

The beautiful question, I originally wrote and composed this song on the guitar, so that immediately felt right to be in the production and the guitar was actually the first channel I’ve recorded in the session. The first phrase I’ve had was “I cannot get you out of my head, I’m falling in love all over again” which turned out to be the hook, the peak of the track, I knew it meant to be big and upbeat right away. Live instruments are the key for the first connection of the listener with the song, that’s how I feel when you hear an acoustic guitar, a grand piano, the song’s and the lyrics are feeling way more authentic because the sound is already authentic, I like to mix the live and essential sound of the real instruments with the new technologies we have to create sounds nowadays.

We've heard that your track "All Over Again" is off your recent EP, "hey, can you ease my pain?". How does this song tie in with the rest of the project, and is there a specific storyline throughout the EP?

Yes, it is, the project’s storyline is basically the search, of yourself, of happiness and how you want your romantic life to look like, with “Play No Games”, I have described how I want the communication to be like, with “For the Better”, which the remix of it is available now, by the way, I have described how I want my days to be like with my loved one. Also, like every person on this planet, there’s a ballad about the loss, about the feeling of not being with your love, this one’s called “Are You Still Mine?” which has a music video as well.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Life is always inspiring for me, even though 2020 is being really weird until now, it’s still very inspiring, I always strive for experience, read, and learn about new stuff. My girlfriend inspires me 24/7, I can find myself working on productions for my new album which is written for a few years now and already writing new ones. I also love to have conversations, listen to other people’s stories, that’s how I get a new perspective of things and new subjects to write about.