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Stacey Ann Removes The Walls Around Her Heart On “April”

Can’t you look past and see the person inside for once?

Combining a comforting, indie-folk-pop sound with soft and compassionate lyricism, singer-songwriter Stacey Ann has long been in the business of capturing hearts.

Utilizing honey-sweet harmonies, breathtaking melodies, and beautiful instrumental arrangements, this talented female-fronted five-piece band has been on an epic musical journey.

Releases capture imaginations and warm hearts, and in the face of their vast artistic potential, the sky is truly the limit for this talented outfit. Inspired by titans of the industry like Carole King, Fleetwood Mac, Florence and the Machine, and Kate Bush, Stacey Ann, and her band have carved a niche for themselves with their compassionate and sincere lyricism and sound.

Masterfully striking the balance between fragility, soul, and power, they’ve kept crowds at events like the Nannup Music Festival spellbound. Paralleled by her graceful fashion sense and red hair, Stacey Ann strikes the balance between the delicate and the powerful, making for enthralling comparisons and, most importantly, captivating music.

Stacey Ann’s latest release, “April,” sees the Perth Songstress continue to provide the gold standard for vocal and instrumental unity. As gentle trumpets herald the beginning of the nostalgic musical journey to come, she softly croons with the gentle comfort of someone letting their walls down for love.

“I was starting to hate the world / until you came about,” she sings, melting your heart with her warm and genuine vocal performance, sapping your worries away and making you feel secure. Ann has once again knocked it out of the park, but this is the (admittedly high) standard we’ve come to expect from her. We can’t wait to see what she’ll show us next.

Stacey Ann’s release “April” is a beautiful tribute to the spring and the ice it melts around even the coldest hearts, given the romance is right.

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