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Stack It Up With Preethatrapper

Preethatrapper, or more popularly known as the Big Prizzle is an emerging rap star whose music is making waves across the world.

Born in Sacramento, California, the budding talent moved to Lincoln, Nebraska where he became hugely popular as a music sensation of his chosen genre. Today, Preethatrapper is a renowned name in the Mid-West Hip Hop music scene with strong associations with most of the leading record labels, numerous sold-out shows, and a large number of crisp and incisive rap tracks to keep his listeners on the toes.

Taking his larger-than-life persona to the likes of his six-track EP, ‘Traptivities,’ we’re fixated with the introductory single that graces the airwaves. “Countin’ Paper,” manages to immediately set an established tone with the high octane performance power of Preethatrapper existent.

Through vocal layers that simmer in a pot of heated musicality, we experience a newfound dimension that hails from each icy cadence dripping in his rhyme schemes. Attacking the beat in a way that has his prevalent tone on display, we appreciate the ease of the laid-back conviction he uses during the downtempo moments, to fill out the soundscape.

For a statement single that carries the weight of the project on its shoulders, Preethatrapper has it down pat. We can’t find a single flaw with how he exudes his unmatched swagger, all while showcasing witty bars such as, ‘Got bread like the food I grub on that sh*t.’

Living up to, and exceeding the expectations we had going into “Countin’ Paper,” Preethatrapper has us on the hook of his intoxicating bops as he delves into all trademarks of a certified hit.

As we loop this song on replay, we tap into all the confidence that drips from a record of this caliber.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Preethatrapper, and congratulations on the release of, “Countin’ Paper,” and the entire ‘Traptivities,’ Ep for that matter. What inspired you to let this single introduce this body of work to your audience?

It’s a song that I’ve been wanting to release for a few months now. I was trying to find someone else to hop on it with me, but I couldn’t find the right sound from anybody. I love how catchy it is and since it’s the only track without a feature (unlike any other track on the project) I figured I’d let it be the first one to showcase what I can do on my own.

When creating a highly energetic song such as “Countin’ Paper,” what does your typical creative process look like? Did you follow this through the creation of the whole EP?

Well, I wanted this capsule to be one that I can put out with various artists and friends of mine since we cook up the fire and I haven’t done that yet until now. But for this song in particular, I was working on it for a few weeks. Adding certain things, taking certain things out. When I felt like it was to a point where I could say it was finished. I finally was ready to let the world hear it.

What are you hoping your listeners can take away from a song of this caliber? What has the response been like already?

I want people to hear it and be inspired to go hustle and make some money. But most importantly, I wanted people to hear it and just have fun jamming out to it. The response has been crazy so far. Most people say it’s their favorite song on the project.

Experiencing an extensive amount of moments through your journey this far, what happens to be your proudest one pertaining to your artistry? My proudest moments are the ones when the fans tell me they are inspired by my music and my grind.

What's next for you?

I have some pretty big gigs booked in the upcoming months, one is in the biggest arena in my city. So I’m getting ready for that. Also, I’m getting ready to release 3 collaborative projects with some pretty dope artists. After that, I will be working on my first album with all original in-house production. So I’m pretty excited about that. Stay tuned.



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