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Stand in Uniform Manner With, "Together We Survive"

Former United States Marine and Country Rock recording artist Art Mulcahy is looking to turn heads with his latest anthem, "Together We Survive," off of his forthcoming full-length album 'How My Country Sounds.'

Art Mulcahy reigns supreme with a multi-genre sound and has drawn comparisons to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Brantley Gilbert, Bon Jovi, and Journey. With his fierce creativity carving out a burrow specifically for his talents, he continues to garner major attention with each significant move he makes.

Tracked in Los Angeles and Nashville in 2020, "Together We Survive" was produced, recorded, and mixed by Nashville veteran and Los Angeles-based creative Jonathan Smith. This lead single takes you through an abundance of emotions as you take in the artistic splendor that gracefully positions itself in the arrangement placed fourth.

Art Mulcahy's comforting tenors ooze a charismatic appeal in his vocalization that spread over the sonic canvas. From tightly knit drum patterns, a palpitating bassline, and warm guitar riffs of "Together We Survive," like butter on toast. Being the illuminating light at the end of dim tunnels that life places before us, Art Mulcahy simmers his audience in a reflection that dwindles on the importance of unity across the globe. Considering all the turmoil in the world these days, he and his team decided the best move to make would be to lead the full-length album with a song that would bring everyone together in times of fear and uncertainty.

As a triumphant execution of brilliant tendencies seeps into your speakers, you feel victorious in the messaging that takes you through moments of mid to up-tempo hues. Basking in the glory of the ingenious illustrations that Art Mulcahy emits, we feel the emotion in his voice take notes from the burning passion that ignites his inner flame. Prevailing with a superlative essence, we recline into the musical creations that radiate a sense of unity and freedom.

Congratulations on the release of “Together We Survive.” Could you please shine a light on what the creative process looked like when fashioning this lead single?

Art: My Creative process Was to Bring people together in times of adversity and difficult

situations. I wrote together we survive as a tribute to the survivors and those that lost

their lives in the Las Vegas shooting at the Jason Aldean concert. My heart was also in

other places watching the riots on my TV and seeing the division in our country and

wanting to make a statement that not only points out the things that make us different

and the things that make us the same as human beings. I wanted to make a positive statement to bring folks together in a positive way.

What was your experience like working with Jonathan Smith [a.k.a. TheRealJonSmith] and your label Native South Records in order to achieve the desired sound on “Together We Survive”?

Art: It was an incredible process working with Jonathan. He is super professional and a

lot of fun. He really lets the Artist take the reigns and add their own magic to the

recording. I’m also very excited to be a part of Native South Records. They are totally

artist-friendly, and the whole team is always looking for a way to elevate what an artist

or band is trying to achieve.

We have had a lot of fun recording and traveling at times to get this project as good as

we could possibly get it. We tracked in Los Angeles, Nashville, and even some things in

Lake Tahoe. Jonathan brought a lot of killer musicians into the studio like his former

Luna Halo [Rick Rubin / Columbia Records] bandmate and killer bassist Victor Broden

in Los Angeles as well as session / Jacob Bryant guitarist Jake Parshall remotely via

Nashville. This project was full of laughs, cries, and real experiences in the process of

creating this record. We have become like brothers in the process and I look forward to making many more records with Jonathan in the future.

We were thrilled to hear about the visuals that will be joining the release! Could

you please tell us about the music video that will be accompanying this song?

Art: Very excited about the music video and getting to work with Christian Siebert and

OJ Aguilar at Eisley Creative Co. out of Kenosha, WI. I believe I wanted to be straight to

the point with a performance mixed with hitting the points this video represents. Unity,

love, working together. It was a blast making this video and I believe everyone that

see’s it will get the point.

What does your audience have in store for the sounds to come forth from your

full-length album, ‘How My Country Sounds’?

Art: A whole new sound! I am reinventing myself and pushing my limits musically and

creatively to not have a song that has the same sound and presentation.

I want to be an artist of all genres and just have fun most of all.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

Art: Life, in general, has always been my inspiration to keep my fuel going. There have

been so many changes not only in the music but my personal life. I am resetting to

continue to push harder in creativity, have some special features from other artists, work

with many other artists, and hopefully, soon tour the world with my sound and what I was

meant to do. I’m here to inspire and be inspired bringing wonderful people together of all races, colors, and all walks of life.



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