Stand Up For What’s Right With Shawn Xavien’s “Stand for Something II"

Shawn Xavien is a modern-day Hip-Hop artist who strives to create change through his music. Since founding Senih Circle Music, Shawn has acquired a vast amount of production credits for various artists and has released several critically acclaimed albums.

Recently, Shawn Xavien joined forced with Thadd Williams and Travesty to create the brutally honest of a release “Stand for Something II,” where it highlights current tensions going on both outside and within.

“Stand for Something II” is equally chill and driving to listen to, where you can’t help but feel fired up while listening and want to reevaluate yourself to become the best person you can be.

Featuring a sparsely minimalistic production that has a spaced-out lo-fi 808 drum kit and twinkling soft bells, the instrumental sets up the perfect soundscape for Shawn Xaviens vocals to shine above and deliver their honest message. To top it off, Shawn Xavien will be donating all proceeds from purchases of “Stand for Something II” directly to organizations that are geared towards change, and we love every aspect of that.

We can’t wait to hear what else is coming from Shawn Xavien and his lyrical storytelling.

You can learn more about “Stand for Something II”