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Star 2 Illuminates Wistful Hues in "Tell Me Thatchu"

Star 2 was born in Thailand in a refugee camp, where he lived with his grandmother after being abandoned by his mother at a young age. Never having a relationship with his father, it was only when his grandmother was chosen for the lottery that he had the opportunity to move to the United States where he would reside in San Diego with her, his uncle, and four others. With a love for music, Star 2 would play the guitar in order to exercise his techniques for what would become the start of his music career. Beginning his music career in middle school when he began rapping and making music videos, he saw success roll in and knew it would only continue from there. In the rhythmic essence of his latest single, “Tell Me Thatchu,” Star 2 provides listeners with a range of melodies that sweep us into utter bliss. The tantalizing structure of the instrumentation carries an array of intricate elements that stand out in their own unique manner, as well as in the syncopated vigor they provide the enticing framework. As soon as Star 2 touches down to serenade us with luscious vocal arrangements, the vibrancy of “Tell Me Thatchu,” intensifies deeply as we become copiously absorbed in its mission to speak to the soul. There’s a seamless balance of vocal effects that fill out the moments where Star 2 takes a pause from his dramatic croons and allows us to simmer in the top-tier production quality at hand. It’s very much a catch-and-release effect that takes over us like the ease that is convicted has us wanting to keep coming back for me. Depicting vivid imagery from his own storyline of personal experiences, the emotional connection of relatability remains in the forefront of “Tell Me Thatchu.” Taking over with one song at a time, you can’t help but fall into the brilliant soundscapes that Star 2 generously provides to his rapidly growing fan base.

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