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"Starlight" By ViRR Will Leave You Feeling On Top Of The World

Getting his start in music by singing in his town’s choirs, singer/songwriter ViRR comes from Jacksonville, Florida. ViRR is pure talent because he has never received any technical musical training, rather, he draws inspiration from artists like Whitney Houston and Coldplay. In 2009, ViRR joined the navy which subsequently exposed him to a variety of music. By 2014, ViRR moved to San Diego, CA where he spent his time exploring the vibrant music scene. The next year, he made his way to Detroit and recorded his first EP titled “Experimental Gold”. Then on, ViRR has been performing from coast to coast and is set to release his newest EP titled “Autonomy”.

Feel good music is much needed, especially in this day and age. ViRR brings a feel good vibe all the way that will get you in a good mood. Ambient but upbeat, ViRR brings a catchy and melodic sound with his latest track, “Starlight”. Less is definitely more, especially with ViRR’s crafty music production and smooth vocals. If you enjoy The Neighbourhood or Maroon 5, then you will definitely love ViRR’s groovy and upbeat vibe. Although ViRR has not been technically trained, his talent surely pours out through his music and personality that shines through it. This vibey beat is accompanied by a music video that truly gives you the feels for summer. A love interest, flashing lights, nice clothes, nice cars driving through the city nights, what more could you ask for? This is the perfect summer jam and we can't wait to blast this as we drive down Hollywood Blvd.

Listen to "Starlight" here and keep scrolling for our interview with ViRR below!

Hey ViRR and welcome to BuzzMusic! What do you wish to accomplish with your music and what would you like new fans to know about you?

I want my music to inspire people, to inspire people through whatever it is they’re passionate at. I want fans to know that five guys is better then in and out and sugar doesn’t go on grits periodt. 

What was your writing process for “Starlight”?

Starlight was originally auto tuned mumbles by my dear friend and producer Mike Colonna, when I heard it I thought it said “starlight” which got us talking about the symbolism of a star’s light. That prompted me to write about an irresistible love and how its glow is as alluring a Star’s light. 

Out of all the songs that you have written, what is your favorite? 

Sky is hands down my favorite because that song makes me feel like anything is possible, and it translates very well to a crowd. 

What is your favorite genre of music? Can you tell us some of your music influences? 

To be honest I don’t have a favorite genre of music, I have moods in which a particular genre would fit me in that moment. My influences are Whitney Huston, Frank Ocean, Solange, Cold Play, Creed and 70s funk/rnb

What can we expect next from you ViRR?

On July 1st I’ll be releasing my EP “Autonomy” which is going to be a very different sound for me and what my fans are used to. I’m also going to be playing more live shows in the Portland area and you can find those date on my website. 


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