STARLIGHT MIKKA is Shining With Her Latest Dark Pop Single “I Could Live”

Brazilian indie dark pop artist STARLIGHT MIKKA is lighting up the stage with her latest single “I Could Live”. Formally known as Mikka Verneuax, STARLIGHT MIKKA is currently based out of the US, and began her music career playing bass and singing with punk bands in Brazil at the mere age of 13. It wasn’t until 2015 where she picked up her passion for music again by singing with indie artists in Northern CA and truly establishing her passion for performing. Not to mention being a true activist in the LGBTQ community, STARLIGHT MIKKA is a radiant inspiration to those around her through her music, stage presence, and authenticity.

“I Could Live” features STARLIGHT MIKKA’s ethereal singing abilities and gripping flow. The track begins with haunting echoey background vocals, leading to STARLIGHT MIKKA’s straight forward, no-nonsense lyrics. As the anticipated beat dropped, she began rapping and clearly showed a sense of diversity within her sound. While the sharp electric guitars began piercing through the track, STARLIGHT MIKKA perfectly created an intense, sensual, and expressive song by saving up her day-to-day emotions and releasing it through her relatable angsty music. Even incorporating deep cello strings and electric guitar slides, “I Could Live” features incredible empowerment and vivid imagery.

Listen to "I Could Live" here.