Start the Engine and Press Play on Blue Willow's Latest Release "Lost Again"

A distorted grunge-inspired guitar leads us into Blue Willow's latest track, "Lost Again." The song is loaded with alternative rock prowess with vocal stylings that give an air of Paul Simon or Billy Corgan to create a memorable ear-catching melody. We love the imagery of escape "Lost Again" serves up. Descriptive lyrics like: "out again on the open road, where I'm going there's no tellin," "check out the West Coast, maybe Ohio, but my heart screams for Tennesee," "lookin' for good times, my friends and me" gives the listener a refreshing sense of freedom and possibility. "Lost Again" creates a yearning for the listener to set out on their unknown journey. The freedom of a wide-open highway, your hand out the window surfing in the air, just you and your best friends - where do we sign up?

Blue Willow came to life in the heart of Murfreesboro Spring, Tennesse, we love the ode to Tennesee in this song. The band is completed by members Matthew Johnston (Lead Vocalist/Rhythm guitarist), Frank Dremel (Lead Guitarist), Mike Chapman (Drummer), and Adam Beckleheimer on bass. "Lost Again" is a catchy, freeing trip of a song. We cannot wait to hear what Blue Willow turns out next.

Discover "Lost Again" here.

Hey Blue Willow, and welcome to BuzzMusic! "Lost Again" is such an awesome track! Did this track develop from your own spur of the moment road trip? Hello Buzz Music, I’m so glad y’all are real haha. Yes, we wrote it depicting the moment s of being out on the road, and expressing the future!

When you create music, what do you want listeners to experience when they are hearing your pieces? When we’re writing music we try our best to convey the emotion and feeling of the moment in time we were referring to, this song reflects on past memories of being on the open road and leaving all the stress of everyday life behind.

You have such a familiar and present sound. Do you share any musical influences that have impacted your music? Oh gosh, we’ve been influenced by a ton of the greats! As a group, we love the Beatles, beach boys, my morning jacket, tame impala, Mac Demarco, Mac Miller. I know this song was channeling of the beach and I really wanted some lazy vocals like Wreckless Eric! So that’s where the lazy tone came from! I think we’re just trying to make something fun and groovy.

As a band of 4, how do you ensure everyone's creative viewpoint is heard and incorporated?

With quarantine, this has been hard. It’s a lot of emails and discord calls. I know with this upcoming single we’re dropping in June, we’d go through the song second by second to scan from tones and imperfections. We’re trying our best to make music that’s worth sharing! So we all just take time to express how we feel about the tones and vibes! 

Thank you for chatting with us Blue Willow. What projects will you be working on in the coming months?

We’ve actually finished a whole album and are currently undergoing the final stages of production. We started back in March, and have been working hard to get a 10 song album together! So hopefully by the fall, we should release it!