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Start Your Holidays With Ridg Downs' Latest EP, 'Cookies & Cocktails'

From Iowa to Los Angeles, singer-songwriter and pop artist Ridg Downs is getting in the holiday spirit with his latest two-track EP entitled, 'Cookies & Cocktails.'

Before fleeing out west, Ridg Downs spent his time in Iowa participating in show choir and jazz choir, which led him to become a classically-trained singer submerged in the world of theater. The charismatic recording artist advocates for climate change, mentally challenged students, and suicide prevention, especially in the LGBTQ+ youth.

Now releasing his holiday-themed two-track EP, 'Cookies & Cocktails,' Ridg Downs puts on an energetic, heartfelt, and charismatic performance to prepare listeners for the forthcoming season. Ridg Downs showcases his attention-commanding vocals and delivery in both releases while putting an incredibly modern spin on classic Christmas tunes.

The venture begins with the first track, "Christmas Morning." The song kicks off with a thrilling upbeat kick and clap, a plucky rhythm guitar, and a reverbed west-coast-inspired lead guitar. Once the shimmering chimes and acoustic guitar melodies make their way in, the song transitions into this bright, feel-good holiday atmosphere. Ridg Downs continues his heartfelt and passionate performance while paying tribute to his lover and savoring the moment for what it is.

Moving onto the second and final track, "Like It's Christmas," your usual nostalgic, charismatic, and deep acapella male baritone opens the song and sets the song's lively tone. Alongside shimmering chimes, a bright rhythmic guitar, warm claps, and a dense bassline, Ridg Downs jumps into his passionate performance while reminding his partner that every day feels like Christmas when they're around. We adore the anthemic and engaging feel of this song; it makes for the perfect experience to kick-start your holiday season.

Get into the holiday spirit with Ridg Downs' latest two-track EP, 'Cookies & Cocktails,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ridg Downs. We love the energy and heart you've brought to your latest 2-track EP, 'Cookies & Cocktails.' What inspired you to make a holiday project? Is this your first time creating one?

Thanks so much for having me back - always love working with you all! The thing that inspired me to create a holiday project was honestly the success and excitement last year's holiday project (a cover of the single "Underneath the Tree") sparked. People vibed with my voice and style infused in a Christmas song, and so far this year, the reaction has been quite the same. People love their holiday music, and I am always so happy to release songs that people can return to every year.

How was your songwriting process different for 'Cookies & Cocktails?' Did you have to alter your songwriting and thought process to write your holiday-inspired lyrics?

I wrote the original song off this EP called "Christmas Morning" about a year ago. It's super odd for me to write a Christmas song in the middle of the summer in anticipation of releasing it in early November, so I started this process over a year ago. Since this song is all about bringing a significant another home for the holidays, I wanted to throw as many nods to my family's traditions as possible. Everything from watching movies to making snow angels to sledding all means so much to me but honestly wouldn't make sense in a song that isn't Christmas-themed. So the process is more or less the same, but I had to keep in mind it's a Christmas song, and I want people to feel the holiday spirit emanating from every word.

Did you work with any musicians or producers when creating 'Cookies & Cocktails?' Who helped the project come to life?

I worked with my wonderful producer, Bankston, who I've seen has chatted with you all at BuzzMusic as well! He is fantastic and is such a trooper when it comes to creating Christmas songs before the Halloween season has even started. Both him and I have been listening to Christmas music well before even September in preparation for these two songs, so I'm not saying I'm burnt out from Christmas music, but I'm not not saying it either ;) My management team also has a big hand in helping me choose which songs make the "final cut" before they go to the studio. Also, big thanks to my creative director for the cover art photoshoot, Unissa Cruse from the Cruse Creative. She helped my vision of wrapping paper, chocolate, and that Christmas Vacation moose mug come to life.

What makes 'Cookies & Cocktails' different from other holiday projects? Did you put your artistic spin on these songs to make them more authentic and unique?

The main thing that makes this project so different is how family-driven and personal the song choices are. I named it "Cookies & Cocktails" as a fun little nod at bridging the gap between the wondrous joy of being a child during the holidays and the newer meaning it has taken on now that I am older. Both songs envelop a feeling of love I have for my family and the dream I have of one day being able to bring home someone special; to show them what Christmas means to me and my family. It's as if you see the journey of bringing someone home and showing them your traditions ("Christmas Morning") turn into the party and supreme amount of joy you feel loving someone during the holiday season ("Like It's Christmas"). I hope you feel the love that went into this project and can experience the love of those around you this holiday season.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

I already have a full schedule of music next year that I am so excited to bring to life. I love hearing what people enjoy about my music and how it affects them. I take these things to heart and do my best to expand on their release after release. These upcoming songs are some of most favorite I have ever written. I can't wait for you to hear more of what I have coming in the new year. Stay tuned and stay in touch! Much love to everyone who listened this year - YOU make this journey worth it.


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