Start Your “Summer Vacation,” With TREVAN’s New EP

When you need a dash of nostalgic 90s and 00s pop-rock, feast your ears on singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist TREVAN's new EP, Summer Vacation.

TREVAN has no problem electrifying audiences of all ages. The authentic singer-songwriter offers a fresh yet nostalgic So-Cal sound that never fails to win over listeners. He's best known for combining classic 90s and 00s pop-rock mixed with his unique voice and youthful, genuine optimism.

Listeners can hear all that and more in TREVAN's latest 6-track EP, Summer Vacation. The project was created alongside legendary producer Mikal Blue (Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz, OneRepublic), offering a warm and organic sound that's sorely missed in the modern music industry.

The EP opens with the introductory track, "Hey There Missy," greeting our speakers with an upbeat acoustic guitar and lively drums that quickly expand into a riveting pop-rock atmosphere. TREVAN kicks off the EP with incredible energy and passion, letting us know that he's been dying to flee with someone special. It's an incredibly anthemic and catchy track that opens the project with a bang.

Onto the second track, "Good Good Vibes," TREVAN slows things down a bit and sets the lush scene with his storytelling lyrics that describe the weekend's good vibes in malibu with a drink in hand. This melodic feel-good song is a recipe for a good time, especially as TREVAN brightens our days on the hook with his wholesome optimism and infectious good mood. It's a sweet-sounding tune that perfectly describes those memorable summer evenings.

Reaching the EP's third track and the halfway point, "Speechlessly Hello," TREVAN slows things down even further with a Jason Mraz-esque acoustic guitar introduction and his passionate, playful lyrics. With the addition of soft ukulele strings and tender percussion, TREVAN sends us into a lush island vibe with these soothing instrumentals. His loving and sincere lyrics about someone's beauty are the cherries on top.

Moving onto track number four, "Kid Again," TREVAN pumps up the energy in this exciting and playful tune. He kicks things into gear with upbeat drums and bursting electric guitar melodies alongside chant-worthy background vocals that truly make us feel like a "Kid Again." TREVAN has no problem painting such vivid scenes with his lyrics that get us walking, nay, grooving, down memory lane.

Landing on the EP's fifth and title track, "Summer Vacation," this exciting tune takes off with upbeat pop-rock instrumentals and TREVAN's relatable lyrics that discuss his desire to be on summer vacation all the time. This song totally screams the late 90s/early 2000s pop-rock, even with a dash of attitude-packed punk. He offers an incredibly refreshing listening experience that's sure to enhance your "Summer Vacation."

Hitting play on the album's sixth and final track, "Sunkissed," the experience smoothly opens with harmonious acoustic guitar melodies and warm percussion alongside TREVAN's equally tender vocals. He reminds us not to rush those precious carefree moments with that special someone and their "Sunkissed" skin. It's a smooth-sailing, feel-good, and heartfelt listening experience that closes the EP on a brilliant and passionate note.

Heading on Summer Vacation? We have the perfect addition to your getaway playlist. Find TREVAN's 6-track EP, Summer Vacation, on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, TREVAN. We're ready to hit the road after hearing your new EP, Summer Vacation. What inspired you to write an entire project about getting away and living it up?

Thank you so much for having me! Well, this EP actually consists of songs that I recorded for my album that I'm hoping to release before the end of the year; but I knew I didn’t want to wait that long before putting something out! I thought it would be cool to put out some singles or an EP beforehand, and Summer Vacation seemed like the perfect theme! So, I cherry-picked six songs from my album that all felt like they had a cohesive Summer vibe to them and put that out as the Summer Vacation EP! The main inspiration was I wanted to release a project that felt reminiscent of when I was a kid, and my mom would make these amazing mixtapes that we’d listen to during the summer; everything from No Doubt, to John Mayer, to Oasis, to Bush, Incubus, and tons of others. I wanted to release a collection of songs that sort of captured the feelings I had at that moment in time when I must have been no older than 10 or 11. Also, a lot of the gigs I've been doing over the years have been at restaurants, resorts, and family-friendly environments; I wanted to put out a project that spoke to that audience and would be the perfect soundtrack for the places I had been performing.

How long did it take to create the EP Summer Vacation? When did you start executing ideas and putting the pieces together?

Crazy enough, many of the ideas for the songs that ended up on the EP began as far back as seven years ago! The chorus for the title track, Summer Vacation, was written seven years ago when I was waiting for my mom to finish working at her after-school program! I had just gotten a new acoustic guitar, and while I was waiting for her, I started playing these chords and freestyling what would become the chorus melody and lyrics; it's one of those "the idea practically wrote itself"! I originally imagined it as a song I would pitch for a female artist and never did anything with it. But when I started thinking more seriously about songs I could put together for an album last summer, I went back through all the ideas I'd had but never finished, and Summer Vacation was one I always loved!

How does the EP, Summer Vacation, represent you and the music you create? Would you say that uplifting and feel-good songs like this are a staple for you?

I would definitely say that uplifting and feel-good songs have been a major staple of mine since I started writing songs. Almost everyone who knows me as a person knows me as an encourager, supporter, and overall optimist, always seeking to uplift others and bring joy. You can even go back to my 'Sensuali-T' album and listen to a song like 'Getchu Right,' or my 'Spirituali-T' album and listen to songs like 'All Good' or 'Have a Good Time' to hear them through a line of feel-good. The cool thing with my Summer Vacation EP is that it's the first project I've gotten to do that has a much more organic sound and feel to it; with me getting to play actual live drums on it and Mikal's brilliant production knowledge with outboard gear and using other things I didn't have the chance to use on my other self-produced albums. The greatest way that Summer Vacation represents me and my music is that it captures my innately nostalgic and somewhat wholesome nature. I've never really been a major 'partier,' I don't drink, and I'm the kind of person who enjoys little things like cartoons, Disney movies, chick flicks, and other things that most might think of as "innocent" or "wholesome." I've always wanted to represent something that was of all ages and could be great for kids and families. I think Summer Vacation represents that better than any other project I've done thus far.

Do you have a favorite song from the EP, Summer Vacation? Which song means the most to you and why?

That's really a tough one. Honestly, my personal two favorite songs from the EP would have to be 'Hey There Missy' and 'Sunkissed.' Hey There Missy because it has such a feel-good road trip vibe to it and totally reminds me of the days of driving to the beach with my mom as a kid, listening to those amazing mixtapes she would make. Sunkissed is my other favorite because it just has such a calming, beautiful, sensual feeling to it. I loved it when I wrote it but seeing it come to life the way it did with Mikal's direction and Dalton's incredible lead guitar melodies made it super special to me. However, the song that might mean the most to me is the title track, 'Summer Vacation.' The reason Summer Vacation means the most to me is that everything about that song lyrically feels so real and true to me, from the time I was a kid to now. Lyrics like, "Always stuck in a yes, no, maybe," and "I'm uninspired, but I'm not lazy" are such deep personal truths of mine and speak to challenges I've had to face time and time again in my life. And the chorus lyrics beautifully represent my deepest inner wish: to get to a point in life where every day could be carefree and celebratory; where "every day could be like Summer Vacation, and every day could be our own celebration."

What's next for you?

My main goal moving forward is to finalize and release my full album, do more full band shows, open for other bigger artists, continue working as a songwriter, and even try doing more features as a vocalist for DJs and other projects. I’m also a part of a group called ‘HI-TOPS,’ and we’re finishing up a few really fun Christmas songs that we’re excited to release soon!