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Staunch Moderates Touchdown With “Bigfoots On The Field”

The Staunch Moderates Intellectual Movement, known for its unyielding commitment to bridging societal gaps through thoughtful moderation, has taken its message to a new level. Fueled by passion and emotion, they embarked on an ambitious project—a multi-genre hip-hop album led by rapper Casanova Ace and backed by mascot DJ Staunch. The result is a unique blend of jazz, R&B, hip-hop, and rock, producing super chill tunes echoing the movement's quest for world peace.

Now, let's talk about the song that has everyone talking: a funky, old-school rap tune with a nostalgic Sugar Hill Gang vibe that tells the tale of a team of Bigfoots set to win the Super Bowl. With an irresistibly catchy chant, "The Bigfoots are coming," the song invites listeners to join the fun and relive the good old days. This track entertains and subtly encourages listeners to put aside their differences and come together for a common cause.

The song's quirky subject matter and upbeat tempo create an instant classic that makes you want to sing along and dance. Drawing inspiration from legendary greats like Frank Sinatra, Quincy Jones, The Jacksons, and Stevie Wonder, the song perfectly represents the Staunch Moderates' message: "Chill, peace, and meditate to de-escalate, rather than elevate."

the song's playful and imaginative nature sparks curiosity, inviting listeners to see the world differently. The unexpected combination of Bigfoots and football serves as a reminder that creativity knows no bounds and that it's possible to find common ground in even the most unlikely of scenarios. This refreshing take on storytelling not only entertains but also prompts reflection on the importance of open-mindedness and adaptability in today's ever-changing

The fusion of diverse musical influences from legendary artists like Frank Sinatra, Quincy Jones, The Jacksons, and Stevie Wonder adds depth and richness to the sound of "Bigfoots On The Field." This eclectic mix pays homage to the greats while establishing the track as a contemporary masterpiece that speaks to the Staunch Moderates Intellectual Movement's mission of bridging gaps and fostering understanding.

This nostalgia trip about a Super Bowl-winning dream team of Bigfoots feels like the perfect anthem that perfectly embodies the Staunch Moderates Intellectual Movement. It's lively energy and witty lyrics provide a refreshing take on the movement's philosophy, inviting listeners to join them on their journey toward harmony and understanding. As the chant "the Bigfoots are coming" reverberates through our ears, one thing is certain: the Staunch Moderates are here and making an impact through the power of music.

A mighty hurrah for the super bowl banger with "Bigfoots On The Field" While crafting the lyrics for the song, what inspired you to build a story around a team of Bigfoots playing football and winning the Super Bowl, and how do you think this narrative connects with the broader message of the Staunch Moderates Intellectual Movement? We didn’t win the Super Bowl in our “Bigfoots on the field” track.” We said we were going to win the Super Bowl. What inspired us to create a team around Bigfoots is having chosen our Bigfoot, “Staunch,” as the mascot for our Staunch Moderates® Intellectual Movement. We all of a sudden found ourselves in the Bigfoots Business. Being entrepreneurial and football fans, “Why not for football? We checked the registry of Trademarks for what we were interested in, “Bigfoots Football™ and Bigfoots Baseball ™ and the coast was clear. We filed for the marks and got to work! We were then in the business of making hip-hop albums for our intellectual movement, so we came up with a theme song for Bigfoots Football (Thank you, Casanova Ace! ) and then made a music video for it. We did the same for Bigfoots Baseball. The two music videos are doing well in the Shorts Film Fest Circuit. This narrative connects with the broader message of the Staunch Moderates Intellectual Movement because we want to speak to the people and bring them to our way of thinking through the philosophy of Moderation and peace. Our strategy is to win over the hearts of our fans through the two most beloved American sports and their favourite folklore character, Football, Baseball & Bigfoots. We, therefore, give you Bigfoots Football™ & Bigfoots Baseball™. Can you discuss the creative process behind developing a chorus's memorable, nostalgic chant for "Bigfoots On The Field?" What influenced your decision to use that specific phrasing, and why do you think it resonates strongly with listeners?

The chorus was written and performed by Casanova Ace. “hats off to him!” As "Bigfoots On The Field" draws on a funky, old-school rap style reminiscent of hip-hop pioneers, which elements from this era do you believe are most appealing to contemporary audiences and contribute to the song's nostalgia and fun tone?

Back to Casanova, He’s almost 60, from Brooklyn, was 12 years older than Biggie. He says he knew the guy. "Bigfoots On The Field" showcases an interesting fusion of multiple genres. How did you approach experimenting with these different styles, and were there any specific artists or songs that particularly influenced your creative choices in this track?

Here’s a list of our different genres: Classical, Jazz, R&B, Hip hop, Rock n Roll, Olympian, Gospel, Showtunes, & Hawaiian, Lol. Bands or artists that inspired us are Frank Sinatra, The Rat Pack, Ramsey Lewis, The Jacksons, Quincy Jones, The Doobie Brothers & Steely Dan! As you look ahead to your next artistic endeavours following the release of "Bigfoots On The Field" and "The First Realm" album, are there any particular themes, messages, or musical styles you are eager to explore further? How do you envision your future work championing the Staunch Moderates Intellectual Movement's principles while pushing creative boundaries?


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