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Stay Afloat With Crossing I's Dotting T's Single "Drown"

Crossing I’s Dotting T’s morphs raw, aggressive punk rock with Pop Punk/Emo Rock to create a unique sound with an organic feeling.

Known to make you experience your emotions while simultaneously making you bounce, Crossing I’s Dotting T’s formed by Matt Mucerino in Orange County, CA, in September of 2020. Teaming up with producer/engineer Nick Fainbarg at Costa Mesa Recording Studios, Nick Fainbarg has helped create Crossing I’s Dotting T’s sound.

With a defiant tone in the thunderous vocalization of Matt Mucerino, Crossing I’s Dotting T’s delivers their most recent single, “Drown.” In the reminiscent soundscape that lies in early 2000’s Pop-Punk vibrations, the buoyant tones that are offered are sonically accompanied by the pugnacious growls from Matt Mucerino’s vocal depth.

Creating a captivating universe for us to feast on the edginess that continues to progress through “Drown,” Crossing I’s Dotting T’s brings emotions to the surface as we delve into grasping moments as they pass you by. The songwriting techniques produced have your mind filled with vivid imagery as Matt Mucerino has a knack for creating life-like illustrations on the canvas that is your mind.

Crossing I’s Dotting T’s performs the musical elements as they collide with the effervescent trifles, which sets an enthralling hue of ambivalent fusion. Raging from the complexities that fuel that fiery sound of emo-gressive Punk Rock, we fixate ourselves with the undeniable talents conveyed in the prevailing musical creations brought forth. Submerging your speakers an unapologetic soundscape of virtuoso embellishment, Crossing I’s Dotting T’s confidently articulates the message that is placed across the globe.

Congratulations on the release of, “Drown.” What inspired the lyrical content that we are exposed to in this single?

Thank you so much! This song was broadly about depression/anxiety and not feeling great about yourself even though you know you should, and how that affects relationships as well. We are (for the most part) taught to feel good about ourselves, and I don’t have reasons to feel “bad” about myself, but that’s just the way it goes, it seems. That, in turn, affects your relationships and you just can’t seem to make it stop.

What does the creative process look like between yourself and Nick Fainbarg when you are brainstorming musical concepts? Could you share a glimpse of what the creative process entailed for “Drown”?

Basically, I will bring the idea to Nick in full form, and then from there we will dissect the song and see what needs to be added or what we can differently. We will lay down the basic tracks and then get started adding layers of music as we see fit!

What are you hoping that your listeners take away from “Drown”?

I am hoping my listeners can just feel something and relate. We all feel like we are drowning at some point or another (some more than others). For me, that feeling of not even being able to be there for myself makes it impossible to be there for others and I’m sure others can relate.

What is the proudest moment in your artistic career this far?

I just started this project in Winter of 2020 and in the past month of January I got signed to Golden Robot Records/Riot Records (home to Jefferson Starship, In the Whale, and many more) and I just did a Jam in the Van Live Session which is on YouTube, and that has always been a dream of mine. The next goal is to get a session with Audiotree, and we have been in talks about it so I’m hoping we can get it set up!

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

I love making music and getting signed put a fire behind me that can’t be put out. I am working on my debut EP as we speak which should be released later in 2021!



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