"Stay," Has Nick Lamar Crooning Sweet Notes of Admiration

Riddled with purpose, it’s safe to say that Nick Lamar has been solidifying his place in the music industry. The multi-talented singer, songwriter, and producer, continues to tour us through an offering of his musical creations.

Showcasing his talents for the world to witness, Orlando, Florida-based Nick Lamar is fresh off the release of his latest single, “Stay.” Being his initial musical launch into 2021, Nick Lamar has recruited Brandon Cunningham, and Ryan Mack in order to help him write the lyrical composition we hear before us.

“Stay,” commences with transcendent vocals in an otherworldly soundscape that has us washed into the misty cosmos that Nick Lamar effortlessly exudes in the charismatic tenors of his timeless R&B bops. Overflowing with unmatched hunger, a flame inside of each of his listeners ignites as we fixate ourselves upon the harmonizing timbres that send us into a realm of lingering delicacy. Incorporating minimalistic instrumentation that allows each element to have its own glorious moment to shine, the music production is handled by inimitable production architect Brandon Cunningham.

The prevailing tenors that pour from the soul of Nick Lamar have us knocking on his door to let us into the welcoming resonance that he fluently displays in this love ballad that prompts the apple of his eye to stay. A sea of wistful tendencies have us floating throughout the starry-eyed persona that Nick Lamar graciously delves into.

There is no stopping that captivating sound that Nick Lamar tours us through as we fall deep under his spell. Continuously allowing us to peek inside of his innermost cognizant thoughts, Nick Lamar has serenaded us once again in the performance of, “Stay.”

We love the tender tones that you instill into “Stay.” Could you please tell us what inspired the creation of this song?

Me and Brandon (Producer) started working on this song back in June 2020. We were in the middle of a pandemic with so many creative ideas. So when Brandon told me he wanted to write a song that demonstrates male vulnerability, I was all in. I feel that oftentimes men believe they’re not given ‘permission to show that they truly care about the value of their relationships because of what they may see on TV, or even in their own households growing up. Although we know that that’s not necessarily true, this song was written to give men the reassurance that it’s completely OK to fight to hold on to what they value when it comes to love.

With so many amazing people contributing the wonderful sounds heard in this single, could you please take us into how each person contributed to the desired sound of “Stay?"

With the writing and production, Brandon laid the foundation for the direction of the song with the percussion, harmonies, and most of the writing. Ryan wrote what became an amazing bridge and vamp section. I came in and polished the lyrics and harmonies. Hipi added a great texture with the guitar and bass, which elevated the song even more. For my performance, I approached it from a place of vulnerability; Putting myself in a position where I was throwing away my ego and just trying to hold on to something that meant everything to me.

What are you hoping that listeners feel when listening to this song?

I really want people to feel confident in their feelings after listening to this. That confidence in self-love as it relates to relationships is invaluable. I also want people to feel.

How does “Stay,” hold up to other releases that you currently have out?

Stay is in a lane of its own when compared to my other records. This one has such a classic MJ feel to it that makes it a worthy entry to my catalog. The first this I think of when I hear this song is, TIMELESS. It's a true record from all aspects and I’m so grateful for that.

What's next for you?

I’m currently working on my next album/EP (NL4).