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"Stay," In the Groove with Saint Nomad's Exciting Single

From Russia to Colorado, alt-electronic group Saint Nomad takes us to the heat of the dancefloor with their latest powerhouse of a single, "Stay."

Consisting of three brothers, Nikita, Ruslan, and Yan Odnoralov, the collective aims to get their listeners up and moving with each striking release. Bridging organic instruments, electronic soundscapes, and cinematic alt-pop hooks, Saint Nomad's anthemic sound is truly built for dancefloors.

Recently releasing their upbeat and punchy single, "Stay," Saint Nomad powers through with incredible genre-merging elements. While the lead vocalist serenades us with vast passion and emotion, the supporting sonics and instrumentals keep our feet tapping with each crisp arrangement and transcendent melody.

Listening to "Stay," the song begins with screechy synths and a groovy bassline, setting the energetic and powerful tone. Once the lead vocalist begins describing his trust and faith in a relationship, the supporting sonics blast through our speakers with arrangements that remind us of unbridled and exciting love.

What we love about this single is Saint Nomad's ability to blend genres like alt-rock, electronic, and pop through their deftly-produced sonics, tight instrumentation, and rhythmic drum breaks. Overall, this track sounds as if it's straight out of a 00s coming-of-age movie, drenching our speakers in excitement, adventure, and endless devotion.

Jump into the vibe with Saint Nomad's latest single, "Stay," and let the three brothers take you back to the wild nights on the dancefloor. Find "Stay" on all digital streaming platforms.

Hello Saint Nomad, thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. We adore the excitement and groove of your latest single, "Stay." What inspired your group to create this dancefloor powerhouse of a single?

Thank you! "Stay" was written out of personal relationships that we have in our lives with people we love dearly but don’t agree with on whatever issue. I think it’s so important in such a divisive time to come together and hear each other out and remain friends and choose acceptance and love.

What does your creative process usually look like between your brotherly band, especially for your energetic single, "Stay?"

"Stay" was truly a collaboration! The song was written as a group effort for sure. We all have different creative processes but somehow it all comes together in the end.

Who handled the songwriting and vocals for your single "Stay?" Do you ever switch up the songwriting from member to member, or have you found a process that works best for you?

I write a lot of the ideas for our songs and then the guys usually come in and help shape the song lyrically. Songwriting is a Group effort on some songs and on others, it’s more individual. Stay was written as a group. I handle the lead vocals on this song but the gang vocals are a lot of our family and friends singing too!

We feel as though "Stay" would be quite the experience to see/hear live. Before the pandemic, how did your group manage to keep your audience engaged during your live performances? What should we expect from a Saint Nomad show?

We miss playing live shows. Especially shows that are energetic! We usually are very intentional about creating energy and creating moments during the live show that engage people. In the past, we would do things like bring people up on stage with us or invest in a good light show.

What can we expect to see next from you?

We’re very excited about "Stay" the music video! But next, we’re going to release a few more songs and hopefully by the end of the year will have a record out!



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