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Stay Up to Date With Mark Vogel

The BMI award-winning television and film composer Mark Vogel is excited to announce his forthcoming project while keeping us in the know with new hints.

Most known for his role on the ABC show, Full House, where he appeared for four seasons in JESSE and THE RIPPERS, Mark Vogel also received the opportunities to perform alongside golden era acts like Bob Hope, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Bing Crosby, and more.

MarkVogel is now working with Soul of Broadway after signing with Mercia Records whom is distributed by The Sony Orchard.

Mark Vogel is currently working on his latest project but can't yet elaborate on details and announcements. He is also eager to open his masterclass coming in June, created to mentor young artists about the casting process.

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Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mark Vogel. We're excited to chat with you about your latest and forthcoming endeavors. Could you drop any hints as to what we should expect from your upcoming project?

Okay, hint: It’s got celebrities, hit songs, and legends on staff. I literally pinch myself at the music meetings…I’m also producing 4 records and 2 scripts for the stage while working on 2 film projects. Crazy, huh? Could you elaborate on your masterclass about the casting process? What sort of tips and advice do you plan to offer your students?

I LOVE doing Masterclasses. Working with new talent is such an amazing experience. I had the BEST mentors and coaches and love to pay it forward. This next Masterclass will be specifically for casting. One lesson we hope to get across is that getting ready for that kind of an audition is everything. You can’t be TOO prepared!!!! It’s going to be awesome. What position or work are you executing with Mercia Records-SONY, the Orchard? When did you begin working with them?

I was the executive producer of an album called “The Soul of Broadway”. It was a record for Terron Brooks, and we got signed to the label for distribution. We are busy working every week on the releases. I signed in January and it’s been quite a year already! Being that you're regularly in high demand, what's been keeping you busy during the pandemic? Did you focus on your own projects or expand and collaborate with other artists?

The pandemic put us all in from of our computers. It actually opened up a whole new world for me. I’m able to work with talent all over the world now. There are days I work “in New York” and an hour later, I’m “in Nashville”. It’s crazy, but I’ve produced more music in the past year than I did the year before…and I was already busy.

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