Stefano Reminds Us That “We Are the Power”

Italian singer-songwriter and piano virtuoso Stefano May releases an inspirational single and music video in hopes to induce change entitled "We Are The Power."

May fuses soul, pop, and classical for an enthralling music journey, and his music is a statement of hope, love, and connection aimed to heal the listener. The Italian recording artist quickly gained notoriety by performing on popular TV shows back home and collaborating with names like Franco Zeffirelli and Jamal Joseph.

Now taking his artistry one step further, Stefano May hopes to remind us that not all is lost with his latest single, "We Are The Power." May also released a powerful music video that captures the inspirational church scene with a passionate choir singing alongside his enthusiastic message. He hopes this anthem will inspire bright beginnings for the year ahead.

Produced by Chico Bennett (Madonna, Lady Gaga, Prince, The Killers), "We Are The Power" opens with a tender piano melody and Stefano May's warm and gentle vocals that get straight to the point. He continues to remind us that we are only stronger together when we put our individual gifts to good use and unify as a whole in peace and harmony.

As Stefano May ventures down his energetic and passionate lyrical journey, he's accompanied by a church choir's soulful and empowering vocals. This song is the perfect anthem for a better tomorrow, and Stefano May's dedication to living in peace and harmony is just as inspiring as the song itself. We truly appreciate such an inclusive and empowering piece, and we know our listeners will take something away.

Stefano May put it perfectly when he said, "We Are The Power," and we hope the song finds you well during these times. Listen to the new single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Stefano May. We highly appreciate the empowering and unifying feel of your latest single, "We Are The Power." What inspired you to create a song that would bring people together?

Thank you so much, I am so happy that you like “We Are The Power”. The inspiration came from the darkness of this historical time that we are witnessing. People are obligated to live so far from each other and I wanted a song that would help people to connect mentally and soon physically.

What was it like working alongside producer Chico Bennett when making "We Are The Power?"

Working with Chico is always so much fun!! We understand each other perfectly and the majority of the time our connection is aligned in every way.

What was your songwriting process like for "We Are The Power?" How long did it take to write your inspirational and compelling words?

I wrote this song with my friend and lyricist John Smallwood and we were both so inspired to write something that was going to bring people together. The writing session for the core of the song took minutes, but the total process took us the better part of a day, and then the production of what you see and hear only took 5 days. I believe the process was short because it was born under a star that gave us the opportunity to help people.

What was your experience shooting the motivational music video for "We Are The Power?" Did you have a director help execute your ideas?

The experience was absolutely thrilling for me. I personally had the opportunity to share an entire day with some of the most authentic people that I have ever met. I learned a lot from the shooting of the video, I learned that gospel is not just a music genre but also a philosophy of life. Bijon Slack and “Voices of Unity” were simply the best and I am so happy the world gets to hear them with me in this song. The people involved really astounded me that day and they all are such professionals. We did not have a script, instead, I asked that everyone be themselves and express what the song meant to them in their actions that were captured on camera by Director Reggie Pinckney Jr.

What is your biggest goal with your music this year?

In 2022, I want my music to be shared with as many people around the world as possible. With speaking 4 languages, I want to connect and tour the world as much as possible to share my gift.