Stella Prince Releases Acoustic Original “Half Of Me”

February 18, 2020

By: Isabella W

Stella Prince is a 15-year-old singer and songwriter who is best known for her folk music. She travels frequently between New York and Nashville.  Stella performs at multiple legendary venues all over the United States, including The Bluebird Café, The Colony, and The Falcon. Stella discovered her natural talent for performing at a young age.  In fact, in 2019 Stella was a finalist for the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Artist-in-Residence Program. Stella’s songwriting is published in countless magazines, including Adelaide Literary Magazine and The Daphne Review.  In addition to her numerous accomplishments, Stella is also a member of ASCAP, NSAI, and Global Songwriters Connection. 

Stella’s most recent release is an entirely acoustic folk song called, “Half Of Me”. She plucks an elegant acoustic guitar in the background. This creates the gentle tempo of the song. Besides the last note of the song (which is one long strum) the guitar is plucked, instead of strummed, which generates a mellow effect. The toned-down background leaves room for Stella to spotlight her vocals. She uses a silky, high-pitched voice as she softly sings the verses.  During each chorus, although, the background acoustic sounds remain consistent, Stella then increases her pitch, and consequently, the sound intensifies. With her incredible range, she illuminates her natural vocal ability throughout the entirety of “Half of Me.” Lyrically, Stella brings attention to the emptiness and lonely parts of life. She includes lyrics such as “half of me is gone” and “something always brings me down.” She sings about a love interest being unable to help her out of this personal “haunting.” Her insightful lyrics include multiple metaphors.  The combination of all these things suggests that  Stella may be wiser than her years.

Listen to "Half Of Me" here.