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Stella Prince Will Have Listeners Hanging On Every Lyric In Her New Single, “Before You Leave”

Being an individual who enjoys sharing her original folk music with a variety of generations, 16-year-old singer-songwriter Stella Prince's vocals touch an extraordinary range, and her ability to hit extremely high notes is unlike any other.

Spending her time between New York’s Hudson Valley and Nashville, Tennessee, Prince is able to infuse a sense of authenticity and soul into each acoustic country and folk-pop track.

Her newest single, “Before You Leave,” is a touching, emotional track that will have listeners looking inward to fill the void created by someone who left. The light guitar instrumental gives the single a very natural sound in which Prince’s voice and ability are heightened.

Her light and airy vocal is a clear demonstration that Prince’s vocals heavily transcend her young age. The depth in her written lyrics expresses a maturity that many, decades older, would be unable to achieve. “Before You Leave” beams with feelings of individual learning to find her new identity after an experience with a lover who was meant to be and what she hopes they would say before they take that final step away.

This acoustic folk track is filled with authenticity and a true natural connection with another, and with the strong passion within this piece, it is clear that Stella Prince is an artist that is and will continue to make waves in the music industry in her chosen genre.


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