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Stella Sezon – Kohaju: A Track About The Fusion Of Spirituality And Passion

Stella Sezon is a singer and songwriter blessed with a magical voice. She combines spiritual insights and meanings with fashionable music, reflecting a modern outlook on life and creativity.

By seamlessly interpreting Ukrainian and English songs, Stella Sezon has emerged as a prominent musical talent in 2024. The artist captivates audiences with her unique sound and lyrical content of the track, delving into the theme of karmic relationships.

Music has been Stella Sezon's lifelong profession, but her path to becoming an artist and discovering herself was not easy. The project was born in Chernihiv and further developed in Munich, and now London has become the creative heart of the project.

Music producers got interested in the artist's first tracks, but she chose to work with a well-known German producer and moved to Munich. "I had an intense creative period in Germany, but the relationship with the producer proved

frustrating. I'd rather not delve into specifics or even mention his name," the artist said.

However, this setback catalyzed a pivotal turnover in Stella's life. Following her split with the producer, she met her future husband, Timothy, a sound producer and co-writer. Since then, they've formed a dynamic creative partnership, and STELLA SEZON has been working in creative tandem with her spouse, a professional producer and pianist.

Five years ago, this encounter prompted them to seek a conducive environment for their personal and artistic growth. London became their chosen abode, where they've resided for over two and a half years. Here, Stella Sezon found renewed inspiration and established her presence in the music scene. Stella's career resurgence began with "Kohaju," a deeply personal and evocative track.

"This song speaks of profound love, a vast and mutual love. Its intensity may seem overwhelming or insane at times," Stella explained. It narrates a personal journey where circumstances beyond one's control hinder the union with a beloved."

Initially intended for sale, Stella Sezon used to give other artists her tracks, fearing that it would be extremely difficult to perform them herself. "I fell in love with the song and decided to retain "Kohaju" as my own. I felt that I needed to live this story through so that the remnants of the pain from that strong love that met an unfortunate end would dissolve," the author said. By the way, this song, and many others, were written because of the experience of her relationship with the producer.

The future hit is not just a reflection on lost love: "I associate it with the concept of flame of karmic twin relationship, a notion I bravely share through my music and I want those who hear it to feel not alone in their life episodes," said Stella.

The track by Stella Sezon Kohaju is available on all streaming platforms


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