Step Away from Isolation With "Midnight"

Emerging straight from her South African chrysalis, Michèle Ducray had a great affinity for music, even from a very young age. She was heavily inspired by her surroundings growing up, with early musical influences, including Pavarotti, Prince, Elvis, and Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

Now residing in Christchurch, New Zealand, she is currently working on recording, producing, and releasing multiple singles that are sure to draw attention from an eager audience.

Enlisting producers extraordinaire Devin Abrams and Simon Gooding on her debut single, "Midnight,” this evocative, grand masterpiece dips into a narrative of tragedy and awareness on how those isolated can feel in times of uncertainty.

Creating a mysterious atmosphere that is chalked full of multidimensional textures, the ominous hues fuse together with a propelled liberation that captures the radical essence of the electronic elements weaved into this production. The instrumentation flourishes in a gallant setting as the bolstered foundation of the musicality sweeps up Michèle Ducray’s striking timbres in order to project the vision's ultimate reality throughout this dreamscape. For a debut single, you hear a matured product that has been revisited by the finer details as you fixate yourself upon the minuscule details that make this artistic canvas a memorable one.

Michèle Ducray has a knack for bringing forth vivid imagery that shapes our headspace in a way reflective of her thoughts when creating “Midnight.” Tapping into a sector of our lives that is not only retable but relevant to the world’s current state, the connection that we build towards Michèle Ducray peaks at an all-time high.

Through the thick of the resonance that speaks for itself, we can’t wait to be absorbed by the earworm creations that Michèle Ducray has in store for us next.