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Step Into the “Day 2 Day” Hustle With Desarae Dee and Markus Aurelyus

Hard at work producing a signature sound custom to her, Toronto-based artist Desarae Dee continues to bring forth her message of originality and acceptance.

Inviting those into a world of inspiration and uniqueness, her clear sound fuses the genres of R&B and jazz while dipping into the soul she embodies. Not one to color inside the lines, her musical creations are an honest projection of her soul.

Bringing us the soothing vibrations to her latest single, "Day 2 Day," Desarae Dee thrives in this eclectic collaboration with Markus Aurelyus. A brilliant expression comes from both artists as they produce an atmosphere of authenticity and forwardness as they profess glimpses into their day-to-day lifestyle. Leaving room for the instrumentation to glisten glorious hues of immersive musicality, the upbeat essence has us swaying to the infectious grooves before us.

Creating a triumphant soundscape that lures us into the victories celebrated by an unmatched work ethic, the vivacity conjured up leaves us in a state of therapeutic excellence. Desarae Dee's production techniques accompany Markus Aurelyus' melodic verses in a way that has us appreciating the value of a collaboration of this caliber. We'll go as far as to say that this is a match made in heaven. "Day 2 Day" brings forth everything we love about soulful expressions as such.

If you didn't know who Desarae Dee and Markus Aurelyus were before, then you're getting a remarkable presentation of the iconic pull they have in the realm of R&B/soul. Eager to hear what they have in store next, this is a collaboration you don't want to shy away from.

It's always a pleasure when we get to chat with you Desarae Dee, welcome back to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on this unforgettable collaboration with Markus Aurelyus. Could you please share a glimpse into how this working relationship came to be?

This collaboration was all about timing (kind of like the song). Markus and I have been friends for a long time and I knew at some point along the way, we would collaborate. He also has been watching my artist journey from the time I began, so when I asked him to be part of this song, it was a no-brainer. I gave him the title of the song and a bit of the back story and he came back truly “understanding the assignment” - he understood the vision of the song to a tee and this made the process of getting this song together very seamless and easy.

What was it like executing a vision that relates to many out there working hard in their day-to-day life? What does "Day 2 Day" mean to you as the creator?

I believe that in these times that we’re living in, it’s so important to understand that life can change at any given moment and we don’t truly know where it will take us. I believe that a lot of us are in the same boat in terms of where our lives may go from here on out and it was important for me to highlight this, especially going through this in my personal life. I always want to relate to others and in a season where we literally have to “trust the timing of our lives,” it was a great segway into creating this song. My goal is always to be relatable and that listeners get something positive, inspiring, or encouraging out of each instrumental canvas I create. I believe that this song was perfect as “timing” is an occurring theme throughout our lives. Taking life one day at a time allows us to embrace every part of life and the journey that we are on and understand that life may not always go the way you plan, but we have to learn to trust — there’s always something to learn along the way.

How does "Day 2 Day" stand apart from the rest compared to other pieces you've previously released?

Day 2 Day has to be one of the most meaningful songs that I’ve written to date because it is a timely song and emulates my life and artist journey over the last few years. There have been times where I’ve almost given up and didn’t know what to do, but I had to continue taking life one day at a time and keep trusting that my life would change for the better. It really takes a lot of courage and determination to stay the course because life is definitely not easy at times, but when you believe in yourself and that you’re destined for greatness, you can’t give up. When you have a purpose and a destiny, you won’t stop until you reach it and a lot of fulfilling your purpose requires you to trust the timing of your life and trust the path that God has you on.

What has been your biggest takeaway from 2021?

My biggest takeaway from 2021 would have to be to take my time and really enjoy my journey and life process. Pre-pandemic, things in my life were so fast-paced and non-stop work habits and during the pandemic, I’ve had to learn to slow down and really embrace each moment in my life for what it is and take my time, but also be grateful for life and that I am still alive to fulfill my purpose.


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