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Step Into The 'Third Floor' Where Shawn Xavien’s “The Call Never Answered” Captures A Sonic Odyssey

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Shawn Xavien's latest single, "The Call Never Answered," a sonic escapade that transcends genres and sets the stage for the pulsating energy of his EP, "Third Floor."

Raised in the musical tapestry of Newport News, VA, Xavien draws inspiration from iconic artists like Common, Andre 3000, and the legendary Freddie Mercury, along with production maestros The Neptunes and Kanye West.

"The Call Never Answered" is a musical odyssey that unveils the producer and artist facets of Shawn Xavien's creativity. As the main driving force behind the track, Xavien weaves a sonic narrative that's predominantly instrumental, blending old-school elements with golden saxophone hues and enigmatic drum patterns. The result is an atmospheric journey, a sonic canvas that Xavien masterfully paints, creating settings for your mind to wander and groove.

Transitioning seamlessly from the instrumental landscape, Shawn Xavien steps into the spotlight with a lyricism that breathes life into emotion-fueled bars. It's not just music; it's a lyrical painting, and each word is carefully chosen to evoke vivid imagery and immerse the listener exactly where Xavien wants them to be.

"The Call Never Answered" is a tantalizing preview of the larger musical force, "Third Floor." Xavien's undeniable talent shines through, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating the complete project.

He asserts his musical prowess with every beat and lyric, inviting everyone to join the ride and experience the contagious energy of Shawn Xavien's sonic universe. Get ready to vibe because once Xavien hits play, you're in for an unstoppable musical journey where he lives by his words; "Music is what it is. Make it your own."

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