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Step Into Your Power With “You Do You” From Ivy-Lee

Electronic Pop artist Ivy-Lee is unapologetically herself at all times, and her new song “You Do You” reflects just that. From Adelaide, singer-songwriter Ivy-Lee was fascinated by music from a young age, writing her first song at only eight years old. After becoming part of a band for a while, Ivy-Lee eventually became re-inspired to write her own music and jump-start a solo career.

“You Do You” is the second release for Ivy-Lee, and just as powerful as her first back in March 2022, “If I Fall” “You Do You” is a lively and jubilant song meant to inspire anyone who listens to ignore the haters and do what makes them happy.

“You Do You” starts off with a compelling trumpet melody that quickly segues into the first verse. You are introduced to Ivy-Lee’s spirited vocals, which you can’t help but fall in love with. She wastes no time, giving listeners a personal pep talk through her lyrics and uplifting them with a fun and light melody.

Ivy Lee shows off incredible range and vocal ability in the most satisfying way during octave jumps in the chorus. Each pre-chorus starts with a step back from the fabulous beat with softer vocals and production, where the listener can appreciate Ivy Lee’s lyrics and tone. With lines like “mirrors only tell one side of the story,” Ivy-Lee captures the heart of all who listen.

From beginning to end, “You Do You” is catchy and thrilling, a must-hear for all pop lovers.

Whether you’re feeling down or need a personal dance party, Ivy-Lee has your back with “You Do You” available now.

Tell us about the process of producing your new song, "You Do You." Did you have a vision in mind for the production of the song?

You Do You came to me very randomly. I was driving to my parent's house and just began improving and singing random lines. I had also been listening to a song by another artist who did an octave change, and I loved how impactful it was in her song. Once I had the little hook, I built the verses around it and came up with lyrics that were simple but hoped would be empowering. RE production, I was vibing with a 70s sound after listening to ABBA - lots of strings, bass, and guitar inspired my sound. But, I also wanted it to be modern and pop sounding, to get people up and dancing!

"You Do You" has an incredible message, especially for young listeners. Did you feel like this was a song you've needed in the past? Have you dealt with insecurities about your music as a new artist?

Aww thank you, I really appreciate that and hope to have a good influence on my younger listeners. I wrote this song with my past in mind, growing up in a heavily image-based society. While I think we have moved into a much more progressive society, and I see many issues being raised about embracing individualism - I still think there's not enough being done. There's a massive amount of people who still have historical ways of thinking. I think since I only started releasing music in my late 20s at a point where I'm quite confident with good personal boundaries, I haven't had to deal with the pressures of the industry as a young female artist. I feel like the song captures how I truly want to be and how I see myself as a friend. I tend to say, "who cares, just do it" a lot, but I think I still find myself trying to fit into molds created by society. It's a long road, but hopefully, this is a good start!

How would you say "You Do You" compares to music you typically listen to? Which artists currently inspire you the most?

Ooooh, this is a tricky one to answer. My music interests are very broad. I mean, from pop to indie, to musical theatre, to heavy pop-punk - it's all very diverse. I would say, though, that I am influenced by artists Raye and Dua Lipa, who particularly influenced You Do You. I also wanted to bring back some nostalgia and appeal to an audience who thrived in the 70s, so hopefully, I've achieved that. I think you'll find that the singles I release this year will all have quite different sounds, though they are all in the pop scene and use similar instruments.

Where do you see yourself musically in the near future?

I hope to play a few live shows, release some more singles and record some music with my band....this is still a work in progress, but the band is working on some originals and can't wait to release an EP soon. I also think next year, I'll focus on releasing a personal EP that refines my sound and story a little more.

What's next?

There's definitely a single or two still on the radar to release this this space!


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