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Step Out Of The Darkness And Into The Light With Amoreena’s New Hit Single, “Pastel Pink”

Amoreena, a 24-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer, scours the world of pop music and muses to create her unique sound. Amoreena finds purpose in the desperation of keeping such moving emotions a secret. Amoreena pours her 4 am desires into a synth pop-driven anthem on her latest single, "Pastel Pink."

With her passionate vocals reminiscent of Pat Benatar and Bonnie Tyler, her 80's femme pop attitude is ever-present in her songwriting, singing, and performances. Along with her exploration in music, she has used healing and investigation of her mental health to drive the purpose of her new music in hopes of inspiring her listeners.

Amoreena's new single "Pastel Pink" takes us on a dynamic synth crusade, driven by her breathtaking vocals, new cadences, and unique production. As we proceed on this magical journey, she describes her feelings and experiences and shows us how she uses her lyrics to portray how unique and distinctive she can be.

Amoreena uses her many talents and exhibits what she thought would only be another one of her many records. "Pastel Pink" will have you were dancing and singing from the top of your lungs. You might even be calling it your new favorite.

Congratulations on your latest single, "Pastel Pink." How did you come up with the lyrics, and what made you choose its approach?

Thank you so much for having me, BuzzMusic! Lyrics are usually the first thing that comes to me when writing a song, and this particular one started at my extremely out-of-tune piano in my parent's home. The chorus came; first, I'm always chasing the high of the perfect pop chorus melody - and this one stuck with me immediately. Once I have a title, the chorus comes quick, and it's like a race to the finish to get the verses. When I write more traditional pop tracks, I go after visual verses with obscure twists on phrases, like "pastel patterns scaring fenders" in the first half of the song can be taken so many different ways - it's a fun way to hide the true meaning of a song while also being the most honest about what and who you're writing it about.

When you created "Pastel Pink," was the creative process different from what you usually would do? If yes, how was it different?

The initial start of the song, at a piano with a chorus melody, is my tried and true beginning to most songs that I am very protective over - but building the track to this one was different. This was the first "pop" track I've ever produced for myself, and it was the track that had led the new direction of this entire album's sound for me. Once I had the chorus down with the bits and pieces of the verses, I brought it into Logic to see what I could make, and it led me to this real synth pop-driven song with an electric guitar solo thrown in as the bridge (shout out Brenna Swanger for that beautiful solo there). When I started producing this track back in 2020 (which somehow is now two years ago?) I had been listening to a lot of pop music to try and develop and round out my production skills, which all led to this.

Being a young adult could be tough sometimes. How has music helped you through some of your most difficult times?

This will sound so silly, but I was detailing this to myself in a journal entry like a week ago. Music and I have a fascinating relationship, and I look at it as less of a thing or a passion and more of a person in my life. I've known that I've wanted to pursue ever since I was young - and when you're young and know your purpose, it's a blessing and a curse. Music has been there to drive my happiest moments even higher and my lowest moments to absolute rock bottom - in a weird way, it's probably the most honest relationship I've ever had. When I don't have words for my best and worst times, music always does. It brings clarity and purpose to my existence.

As an artist, what are three things you would love to encourage your listeners to do to better their mental health?

How am I possibly going to narrow this down to 3 things! This is what I want my big conversation to be with this new project.

1. The truth is terrifying, but it's the only way to heal. Running from your identity, vices, mental illness, experience, trauma, whatever it may be - will only hurt you in the long run. It is so terrifying to look something devastating and confusing in the eye and say, "I will understand you. I will heal from you." but you have to do it to move on with your life.

2. Take Action. Whether this is taking time off to settle with information, you need to process on your own, in the care of professionals, or in the company of friends and loved ones - take whatever Action you need to take to start seeing positive changes in your life. Something as simple as cleaning up your social media feed can impact your mind in such a positive way. Whatever you need to do to start getting better, even if it's to try and catch your breath, find ways for you to do it.

3. Be gentle with yourself and those around you. Once you start understanding your mental health and how you process things - whether they're learned from childhood or developed from trauma (or so, so many other things), you start to understand a little more about why other people react and interact in the ways that they do. It sounds so cliche, but you will never know what someone else is going through, especially in recent times; be gentle. Take time for yourself to enjoy your morning coffee, your loved ones, and yourself - all the things that make you who you are, were, and want to be.

What's next for you?

I'll be releasing a cute video for this song in a few days that I'm excited about and will finally be gearing up to put this album out in the summer. It's been a long time coming, and I'm so excited to share this music with anyone who will listen. I think this is some of my most honest music, but I also think it's some of my most healing. I'll be releasing a few more singles before my album, Center Of The Garden releases in July.


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