Steph Devine Releases a Dreamy Sophomore Ballad Entitled, "Be"

The Connecticut-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and alt-pop artist Steph Devine releases her intensely emotional and romantic sophomore single entitled "Be."

As she weaves genres like alternative and acoustic pop, Steph Devine's music career hit the ground running in 2021, where she teamed up with No Dogs Left Behind to write a soundtrack for the rescue organization. As her influences stem from acts like The Chicks, Brandi Carlile, Cher, Kacey Musgraves, Train, Taylor Swift, and Dolly Parton, Steph Devine's sound is constantly flourishing with help from her innate drive and talented musical influences.

Through her recent sophomore single, "Be," Steph Devine lets us into her personal and romantic world through the song's delicate and heartfelt theme. While the instrumentals bring us into the dreamy soundscapes of acoustic pop, Steph Devine makes the experience all the more refreshing through her broad vocal range and honest lyricism.

Getting to the goods, Steph Devine's single, "Be," opens with soft acoustic guitar picking and her radiant vocal stylings that serenade us with lyrics of feeling completely and utterly devoted to someone's love since first laying eyes on them. As the instrumentals begin to expand with a soothing string section, Steph Devine continues her heartfelt venture and reminds us to find the love we deserve.

We adore the organic and lush feel of this single, as it perfectly displays Steph Devine's broad musical talents as she delves deep into passionate lyrical themes while leaving her audience astounded by her sweet-sounding vocals and serene instrumentation. As the song comes to an end, Steph Devine leaves us wanting more heartfelt and natural acoustic-pop ballads like this.

Delve into love with Steph Devine's sophomore single, "Be," and allow the up-and-coming singer-songwriter to sweep you off your feet with each release. Find Steph Devine's discography on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Steph Devine. We truly admire the passionate and heartfelt approach you've taken with your recent single, "Be." When did you begin feeling inspired to write such an honest and moving ballad like this?

I wrote “Be” a few years ago. It was just after having a conversation ​with someone about the relationship I was in. At that time, it felt like everyone was trying to talk us out of being in love, but It wasn’t something ​that I had ever questioned. “Be” is my way of trying to explain that love is something you have to believe in, even when it is not always easy.

Did you work alongside any producers or engineers when formulating the soothing and organic instrumentation for "Be?" What was your creative process like regarding the instrumentals?

“Be” was originally super simple & acoustic. I played it with just my guitar for years. Working with Lit Honey Productions has brought the song to life. I wanted to keep the roots of the song while adding layers that would help speak to the emotion of the song.

Speaking on your songwriting process for "Be," was it easy for you to write such genuine, passionate, and heartfelt lyrics? Or did you face any personal challenges along the way?

“Be” was a song that I wrote very easily. Songwriting is the way I express myself and the meaning of this song is so personal to me that it came very naturally.

How do your two released songs help listeners get to know you better? Does your current released discography share any hints about what we should expect from your music in the future?

My two released songs shed insight into my writing style. I’ve been songwriting for years and have many songs I am so excited to share. I think my released songs and future songs have a common theme we all can relate to, falling in love and being in love. Although it is an incredibly personal event in someone’s life, it is something that we all know a little bit about.