Steph Devine Sprinkles Us In A Bubbly, Acoustic, Country-Pop Melody

Steph Devine was always the passionate girl who used to write and draw her feelings into her diary. You could always find her humming and swaying to all kinds of music and striking harmonies with her favorite artists.

Later in life, she would go on to convert all those entries into songs of pure bliss, with the goal to inspire others with her meaningful messaging. Instilling courage in people to take steps that lead them to prosperity and make the best out of their days, Steph Devine is an up-and-coming artist who is cementing her place in the music industry.

Dipping us into a pond of ukulele strums, and charisma that will shake your core, her most recent single "You & Me" takes us down the route of alternative country and acoustic pop.

The brilliant layering of her angelic vocals gently caress our ears as we take in the buoyant piece for what it is; a burgeoning piece of music that gets more enticing the longer you listen. With her delicate croons dazzling us with a harmonic representation of texture, we can’t shake the glory that is her vocal tone meshing with mesmerizing crescendos.

What we admire the most about Steph Devine is her ability to let her persona shine through each word she pens. Letting us into the lighthearted quintessence of this storyline surrounding love, she manages to be vulnerable and playful all at once. Keeping the upbeat momentum of “You & Me” energetic as she performs with ease, she brings an original flair to the table with what we deem as mainstream potential.

As we come to the end of “You & Me” a little voice inside our head tells us to hit the replay button, and to that we say: gladly. Instilling a sense of hopefulness into each song she crafts, the optimism illuminates brightly for Steph Devine, along with the lively future she has ahead of herself.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Steph Devine. We love taking in all that is "You & Me." Could you please take us into what inspired such a beautiful track? Was it written about anyone in particular?

"You & Me" is a song I started writing back in 2017. It was inspired by a friendship of mine at the time. I wrote the song about a person who kept coming in and out of my life. "You & Me," tells that story.

With music being part of your life for a long time, what have you noticed about your growth as an artist along the way?

Going back and finishing songs that I started writing a few years ago has definitely helped me see my growth both musically and lyrically. This song is one of the favorites that I've written and produced so far because the final product is exactly what I'd hoped it would be.

How does this song mentally reflect where you are today? What does it make you feel every time you hear it?

For me, this song and its meaning reflect how far I've come in my life. A few years ago, things were very different, and I've made so many positive changes, including sharing my music. Every time I hear "You & Me," I'm brought back to many memories, some good and some bad.

If listeners could pick up on a specific message reiterated in this track, what would you want it to be?

"You & Me" tells the story of someone who allows a person to come in and out of their life, over and over again. It's about always taking the same person back despite the way they've treated you. The message I hope people take from this track would be to have the strength to realize that if a relationship isn't working for both people, it's time to move on.

What's next for you?

Right now, I'm working on a new single that I'm super excited about! I also have some plans for an EP in the near future & a debut music video.