Steph Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve In New Single “Back To You”

Stephanie Razado is a 21-year-old UK based singer and songwriter who was born and raised in the Philippines. She found her passion for music at a young age by joining singing competitions and clubs, which helped her developed artistic skills. Steph demonstrates her talent and culture by specializing in both Original Philippine Music (OPM) and western pop music. Her new release “Back To You” is a feel-good soft pop song. What stands out the most is her astonishing voice. 

Steph has the type of voice that could fill a stadium, yet she sings gently to match the peaceful tone of “Back To You.” She sings with such ease that it relaxes her listeners. Instrumentally, a light piano track accompanies electronic melodies and a simple beat. Lyrically, Steph uses her songwriting as an outlet to share music that her audience can appreciate. “Back To You” is is a sweet and relatable song about a love interest that will have you thinking about innocent romance and young love. 

Steph displays her musical versatility by thinking outside the box when she creates her songs. She refuses to allow different genres to limit her musical passion and explores different sounds with every song she writes. "Back To You" is definitely a song for your self-love playlists. We can't wait to see what Steph does next.

Listen to "Back To You" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Steph! We really enjoy your musical versatility when it comes to mixing genres! Can you tell us about what inspired you to create “Back To You?”

Hi, Thank you! Back To You started out with a melody that popped up in my head one night, which is the lead melody that you can hear on the drop. I instantly knew that I wanted the melody to have a playful uplifting tone and I decided to use vocal chops for it, and for the longest time, I didn't know what direction to take it in terms of production. I finished writing it April last year and I only picked it up again last December but I'm happy that I waited until I knew what I wanted for it because I'm happy with how it turned out. In terms of the lyrics, I wanted it to be a pop love song. It talks about unconditional love and having someone who is your home, that loves you for who you are and accepts everything about you. The kind of love that makes you feel safe and just full of bliss. This song is actually personal to me and I'm so happy that I get to share it with people and I hope that it brings good vibes to people when they listen to it.

We know that you have natural vocal and musical abilities. Can you tell us more about how your music has evolved over time?

According to my mom, I was only 4 years old when I started showing an interest in singing and music and at 7 I started to learn guitar through YouTube guitar tutorials. When I was younger, I used to sing a lot of ballads like Whitney Houston and Celine Dion songs back when my voice was higher. Then when I reached high school, I joined a performing club where we performed different genres from rock, pop, dance, ballads, etc. High school is also when I started to write my own songs. At first, I used to write really cheesy Taylor Swift type songs about crushes and puppy love. Now, I think as I get older and I experience different things, I'm now able to explore different themes and topics. Its almost my whole life story but I think I have to go through all of these things when I'm asked this question cause these experiences contribute to how I write and the songs I make. I was fortunate enough to grow up singing and listening to different genres. It's also probably why I like to say that I don't want to confine myself to only one type of sound or genre because I lived my life loving most of them.

What are your major goals as an artist? Can you tell us what you are doing right now to achieve them?

Mainly, I want to reach more people and hopefully touch them with my music. I also want to keep learning about songwriting, singing, and production, and get better at playing instruments in order to make better music. I'm always trying to learn through watching tutorials or listening to different artists that I really like and analyzing their music. I've recently started learning music production cause I just want to be able to make music how I hear it in my head and not wait or rely mainly on other people to do it for me. Overall, I just want to keep growing as an artist, I never want to stop getting better at what I do. This year I set it as a goal that I'll do my best to put out songs consistently to get into that good habit and also to step up my content game on social media in the hopes of reaching out to more people and getting my music out there. 

We were happy to have you here on BuzzMusic! As such a young artist you have the potential to keep growing and evolving. Can you tell us what we can expect to hear from you next? 

It's my absolute pleasure and honor to be on BuzzMusic! This year I have a number of songs lined up to be released, both solo projects and collaborations. You can watch out for that and you can stay updated on my music and future releases by following me on Instagram and Spotify. I've only just started and I'll keep grinding and working on my music.