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Stephanie Mae Has Our Emotions in a Twist With Dramatic Single "You Got Me"

Pop artist Stephanie Mae hails from Seattle, Washington, and has been quite invested in her music ever since recent years. Stephanie Mae brings many different elements to light with the type of sound and style she chooses to pursue. As a predominant pop artist, Stephanie Mae uses her artistic palette to her utmost advantage. She constructs music that screams honesty, and she often shares parts of her life and personal experiences that provide her with a string of impressionable expressions.

We find that Stephanie Mae is one to offer many sides of herself to her sound, and this quality ultimately shines through in her latest single, "You Got Me." There's a slow eloquence involved within Stephanie Mae's latest release, "You Got Me." With a strong pursuit of innocence, "You Got Me" feels light and airy with its delivery. Stephanie Mae has the right approach with her vocal sound, as she blends together powerful melodies with passionate vocalism. There are authenticity and depth that pours off of "You Got Me," and it's easy to extract a meaningful perspective from Stephanie Mae. You'll find yourself searching for answers within the song and even possibly finding a hidden truth about yourself. Stephanie Mae gives full transparency with some pretty vulnerable aspects of her truth, and songs like "You Got Me" offer a refreshingly honest perspective.

Check out Stephanie Mae's "You Got Me" here

Welcome Stephanie Mae, and congratulations on releasing "You Got Me"! What does this particular single release mean for you, both artistically and personally? 

Thank you so much! This song means a lot to me - I'm getting to a place in my music and song releases where I feel like I'm writing from a much more authentic place. My previous songs all definitely came from real-life experiences, as they still do now, but I feel that now I'm tapping into more of my own voice and sound. I know this is gonna just keep going and feel linked to my own personal journey of accepting myself and feeling braver to be my true self without changing. I feel that authenticity also comes out in the song, and I know it will be a lifelong journey.

There was definitely a youthful tone incorporated into "You Got Me". Was this intentional, or do you feel that your music naturally emulates that kind of energy? 

Yes! I perceived it as whimsy and play. I purposely wanted that glockenspiel/xylophone melody interspersed with bells. Most of my songwriting and song production ideas are based on intuition and I try not to define it too much, but I imagine it's because when you're feeling the feelings that the song portrays, there's an element of feeling giddy like a child. Before that feeling of fear sets in, there's almost a feeling of innocent hope and excitement. I wanted to create the impression where it almost sounded like I was alone in my room playing the xylophone or hitting bells, and didn't mind if there were the sounds of "mess-ups" recorded.

What was the predominant takeaway message intended for the audience of "You Got Me"? Are you often hopeful that listeners extract a certain kind of message from your music, or do you believe in open interpretation?

 I definitely believe in open interpretation. I don't think it's possible to ever really control or dictate what a user will experience. You can set a foundation and plant seeds, but ultimately the listener is going to interpret the song their own way, and resonate it with it in their own way. Once a song is released out there, the song is no longer just mine! Fly babies, fly!

Now that "You Got Me" has debuted, what are some of your next goals moving forward?

I am planning to finish up my next EP, which I will be releasing in the fall. I am *so* excited to share it with you all. It's been years since I released my last EP.

What can your fans expect to hear next from you Stephanie?

A lot more of my authentic true self shining through - you're going to hear my "Stephanie Mae" sound truly.


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