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Stephen James The Artist Drops a Catchy and Heartfelt Tune With, "Runnin"

Coming in as one of New York's most sought-after artists, the Singer-Songwriter and versatile recording artist Stephen James The Artist takes us on a passionate stroll with his recent hit "Runnin."

Known for his dynamic work through introspective ballads, pop anthems, hip-hop collaborations, and more, Stephen James The Artist is constantly setting the bar higher for forthcoming singer-songwriters. Having performed at sold-out venues all across New York, Stephen James The Artist is leaping through his career with no end in sight.

Regarding Stephen James The Artist's recent single, "Runnin," he opens his heart for his audience to relate with each heartfelt and emotional lyric he's written. Pushing the sonic atmosphere with a gripping bassline, soothing acoustic strings, and brilliantly energetic production elements, Stephen James The Artist keeps us engaged until the very end.

Hitting play on "Runnin," the track begins with upbeat acoustic guitar strums, hard-hitting drum kicks, and an enthralling bassline that keeps us hooked onto the song's sonic atmosphere. As Stephen James The Artist jumps into the piece with his distinguished delivery and emotional lyrics, we adore the contrast between his heartfelt thoughts and uplifting sonics.

Dropping an anthem for anyone to chant, Stephen James The Artist pushes through the song with the utmost heart and genuine emotion. Accompanied by tender background strings and dynamic production effects, Stephen James The Artist ends the song with resilience as he keeps "Runnin" back to the same old story.

Keep track of Stephen James The Artist on all digital streaming platforms, and find yourself enamored with his latest emotionally-charged breakup anthem, "Runnin."

Hello Stephen, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We're impressed with the versatility and range you've delivered with your single, "Runnin." What inspired you to create this heavy piece?

Naturally, losing the one you consider to be the one true love of your life, the one you would have walked away from anything for... to me, I believed my love was hopeful enough to dedicate the first opportunity I received to write a record that may speak directly to her spirit. Maybe I am wrong, and maybe I am not the one that makes her heart flutter at the idea of even seeing me again from a distance. I love her the way the sun shines life on the earth, all through the daydreams, and all through the night. It is what it is. Heartbreak with a side of eternal hope is the most beautiful thing, to me. I hold on to the hope that she may believe in me, to be the one who would truly dedicate themselves to the eternity of true love.

Seeing as your lyrical content within "Runnin" surrounds past love and finding your way back in their arms, was it challenging to write about personal and emotional themes like this?

I always let it fly from my heart, it is the only way I know how to write, and I do not hold back, nor do I hold on to the fear of rejection, or judgment by a stranger on something that truly is very important to the keeping of my heart beating. We aren't together, so I pray daily or wish love energy over her soul if you will, that wherever she is, that she is happy. I don't mind having to prove my walk for her was real, and that it is more than the words I declared to her while we were together. It hurts not to have her calling me...but hey, hope is a beautiful thing. I love singing this song. I see her now as I listen to the project, and I love to love the feeling of recalling all the times she literally took my breath away whenever I saw her.

We love the contrast between your emotional lyricism and the heavy sonic atmosphere within "Runnin." Why did you want to create the sonics to be rather uplifting?

I did not produce this beat, but I absolutely loved what B Howard chose to accompany the lyrics and story with. It is uplifting and light, with a side of sadness. I love the power of that through the string line.

Should we expect to see "Runnin" on your debut EP set to release this year? Could you tell us more about the project?

Runnin was released as a single. I am releasing a 4 song project titled: "Before the Flood", out in March. The project was recorded and mixed by Michael Ashby, the engineer of Bodak Yellow, among other hit records that he has mixed over his career, and The project will be mastered by Tatsuya Sato, who mastered Graduation for Kanye West, etc. I am completely blessed and honored to have the opportunity to release a project with their support. The songs were produced and co-produced by Kahri Wood, Dalton Hays, and SOMODOMO.

What do you want listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

I suppose that my listeners should know that I have been a student of music my entire life, so when I say that I believe in a project, I would hope that they would listen with an open mind not knowing what the story is that I am telling. They are sonic paintings. These are a glimpse into who I am, and what I am about. Love, and Equality. That is my philosophy. Miss me with anything else.




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