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Steven Lamar Moore Enchants Listeners with his Latest EP, "Scores & Moore (Original Film Music Sound

The award-winning Composer and Producer Steven Lamar Moore releases his versatile and picturesque EP, 'Scores & Moore (Original Film Music Soundtrack).'

Having scored several award-winning films like "CAGED" and "KINGS," Moore has perfected artistic creation through delving deep into the creative visions of various artists and directors. With the release of his EP "Scores & Moore (Original Film Music Soundtrack)," Steven Lamar Moore introduced us to his vast talent through ethereal orchestration and atmospheric Soul/R&B. Opening the project with the intro instrumental "Bounce," sweet melodic keys grace our ears while pulsating strings rain from above. With spacey synth melodies that add depth to the track, we're naturally feeling lifted within a matter of seconds. As the beat drops with cheerful mid-tempo drums, a plucky electric guitar, and a groovy bass lick, we naturally picture an opening scene of a bright day in the city exuding with optimism and life. We love the vibrant pictures Steven Lamar Moore paints within this upbeat instrumental.

Softening the project with the second track "Kings," Steven Lamar Moore opens this piece with the utmost elegance and grace. He fills this track with superb orchestration straight out of a Disney movie, triggering all sorts of nostalgia and reflection for listeners to ponder on. The layered string section creates this blissful sensation while brilliantly switching keys and adding incredible texture to such a heartfelt arrangement. Adding a faint touch of the harp to end the piece off, we love the project's versatility thus far.

Spicing it up with modern flair through the third track "Superstar (feat. Lamar)," this is the only song where Moore adds his warm vocals. He opens the song with mid-tempo piano keys and a subtle beat, while Steven Lamar Moore begins rapping with poise and confidence. He tells a story of justice and cultivation, where the 'Superstar' brushes the haters off and minds his own clearheaded business. This track is highly R&B-infused, especially at the hook where layered angelic vocals pour-over and serve listeners a slice of sweetness.

Brightening the project with an uplifting acoustic piece titled "Carlton St.," we're transported to warm places through textured acoustic guitar melodies that somewhat resemble flamenco with boundless energy and spirit. Accompanied by flavourful background strings for added depth, we love the playful and serene tone Steven Lamar Moore has created with the instrumentals. The upbeat pace perfectly balances out the EP's vibes by creating each track to be incredibly different, and we can't get enough of the natural warmth exuding from this piece.

Moving on to a more heartfelt and acoustic piece with "Book St.," the track calmly opens like the beginning of a childhood DreamWorks film, through calming woodwind instrumentals and enchanting strings, from violin, cello, and harp. The transcendent clarinet melodies perfectly complement the iridescent flute while they melodically sing back and forth, creating a heavenly atmosphere full of dreams, passion, and life. Closing the song with added brass elements for a touch of warmth, we're wildly impressed with Steven Lamar Moore's vast creative talent.

What sounds to be a continued "Book St.," the next song "Jarvis" goes even deeper into broad and enchanting orchestration. What strikes our ears are the added brass instrumentals, being heavier and more expansive than the track prior yet still delivering needed warmth. As the song opens with mellow woodwind melodies and a silky string section, we noticed that Steven Lamar Moore perfectly shifts the atmosphere from light to dark within his brilliant transitions. Ending the song off with a crisp outro that adds a sense of unpredictability and suspense, we're ready for the next track to take us "Home."

The outro track "Home" begins with deep and moody strings that set a mythical and enchanting tone within seconds. While lighthearted layered violin swiftly enters the song, the entire atmosphere moves to this beautifully alluring and captivating space that puts any listener in a child-like wide-eyed state. We can't express how vast and expansive this track is, as Steven Lamar Moore has composed this piece to reflect the entire project above and close the final chapter of his sonic story. Doing so in a mesmerizing way, we're astounded by the vastness and enormity the entire project delivers.

"Scores & Moore (Original Film Music Soundtrack)" gives listeners the perfect introduction to Steven Lamar Moore's broad creative talent. Through groovy R&B and stunning orchestration, we're eagerly awaiting the next film Moore scores.

We love the versatility and depth you've created within your EP, 'Scores & Moore (Original Film Music Soundtrack).' How did you get around to creating this project, is the EP supposed to be used for any upcoming films?

Thank you very much! I wanted to make a soundtrack album that told my story. An EP that reflected who I am and where I come from. My family was a huge inspiration, it's dedicated to them. That’s how I came around to the idea of this EP. So I used these cinematic themes, songs, and instrumentals to evoke the emotions that I’ve felt throughout my life. It wasn’t intended to be used in any upcoming films.

Did you have anything that particularly inspired your EP 'Scores & Moore (Original Film Music Soundtrack)'? Did you want to tell a story through your composition?

I’ve always had a major obsession with orchestral music. Ennio Morricone and Quincy Jones were my inspirations. I loved their versatility and the ability to make memorable thematic music. It prompted me to make compositions that told a story of my life and make it like a musical suite. 

What inspired you to take this creative route and infuse your EP with R&B elements as well as enchanting orchestration? What was your creative process like?

All those elements are a part of me and came pretty naturally. I found a space where I can incorporate orchestration, R&B soul/funk, and hip hop while staying true to myself. The process consisted of me composing an idea, orchestrating that idea across the orchestra, and additional production elements. 

What sort of film do you think your EP 'Scores & Moore (Original Film Music Soundtrack)' would fit with best? How do you tweak your compositions to blend with a film's theme and motif?

I believe it would fit best with an animation film. Depending on the pace of the film and how its cut, will determine how your motif/theme navigates throughout the film. Whether that’s shortening a theme or expanding it, for example, are some options you have as a composer. At the end of the day, we’re storytellers, and as storytellers, we have to make sure we remain honest to the picture. 

Seeing as you also produce music for R&B and Hip-Hop artists, do you undergo a different creative process when producing for an artist versus scoring for a film?

There’s definitely a different approach. When scoring a film, you cater to the director of the film. You are an extension of him/her, and things are a lot more calculated. When producing for an artist, you have a bit more freedom and not overthink the process as much. 



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