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Stilla And Cam Noble Release An Emotional Cover, "About You Now"

The 20-year-old Australian singer-songwriter Stilla pairs up with Cam Noble for their lush and acoustic cover of Sugababes' hit single, "About You Now."

Stilla's music is known for merging insightful lyrical content with dreamy pop textures to create her unique and authentic sound. The young singer-songwriter has truly carved her own path in pop music with her distinctive writing style and bright vocals. Stilla strives to allow the listener to connect to her music through her relatable journeys and life experiences.

Hitting our speakers with incredible emotion is Stilla and Cam Noble's cover of "About You Now," which offers incredible heart and passion from each instrumental and vocal aspect. What's interesting about this cover is how Stilla places herself into someone else's songwriting but does them justice by creating an authentic portrayal of such relatable emotions.

Taking a listen to "About You Now," the piece opens with Stilla's soft and soothing vocals alongside gentle pop drums and haunting keyboard melodies. We love Stilla's rendition of this classic hit, as she not only showcases her savory vocal stylings but leaves our hearts skipping a beat with her delicate portrayal and performance.

We adore Cam Noble's soft and soothing production, as it perfectly enhances this cover to be a modern-day classic. Stilla's velvety vocals are enough to send us into a sonic daydream, especially as she continues singing with the utmost soul and passion alongside Cam Noble's warm and fluid production. As she closes the song, Stilla leaves us with nothing but immense love and affection.

Open your heart with Stilla and Cam Noble's latest cover of Sugababes' hit single, "About You Now," available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Stilla, and congratulations on releasing your emotional and acoustic rendition of Sugababes' hit single, "About You Now." What inspired you to create a cover of this timeless tune?

When covering a well-known song, it is important to make it your own but also show respect and reference to the original performance. We challenged ourselves to bring new life to the lyrics and melody by contrasting the original up-tempo dance-pop beat with a more stripped-back, soulful rendition. I always like covering songs from my childhood and giving them a fresh sound to enjoy them again in a new light.

What led you to collaborate with Cam Noble for "About You Now?” Did he create the production/instrumentals for the cover?

Cam Noble and I decided to collaborate on several covers to introduce my sound to the world. He is a remarkable pianist, so I was lucky enough to have him play throughout the song. He was able to support my vocals perfectly with the electric piano you hear throughout the song, as well as producing the other instrumental elements. It was a pleasure to record this at Staple Studios in Melbourne with the support of our team at ACTS Agency.

When recording your vocals for "About You Now," was it difficult for you to place yourself into the original song's emotional lyrical theme? Or were you able to relate to the song in order to enhance your vocal performance?

When performing any song, I think it’s important to reflect on what the lyrics mean to you and tap into that to enhance your interpretation and performance. The lyrics are very relatable anyway, but with stripped-back production and a slower tempo, I believe I was able to convey the feelings of regret and heartache expressed through the lyrics further, allowing the listener to really feel the emotional theme of the song.

Is this your first time releasing a cover? Should we expect more covers like "About You Now" from you in the future?

"About You Now" is a follow-up release to my first single, a cover of 1975’s ‘Somebody Else’, which gained over 140,000 streams in the first couple of months. It is the second of four covers being released and collated into an EP in collaboration with Cam Noble. The remaining two covers from the EP will be released later this month, so keep an eye out for those!

What's next for you?

Once the remaining covers from my first EP have been released, I will be gearing up for the arrival of my first original single this December. The single is a fun track I wrote recently that I think all of us can relate to at one time or another. I’m super excited to continue putting out music, this is just the beginning for me and there’s a lot more to come!

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