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Stimulating to the Touch, R.Black Has Us Chanting, "I Luv It"

R.Black is a young, exhilarating Jamaican-born artist/producer residing in Houston, Texas.

Influenced by notable greats, ranging from Drake, Eminem, Lady Gaga, and Kanye West, to Tupac and Biggie, R.Black has created his own unique sound which his audience adores him for. Describing it as an eccentric hybrid of his favorite musical creations, he centers his sound on Pop, Hip-hop, and Rap.

His most recent single, “I Luv It,” takes on components of Electro-Pop as it seamlessly meshes into an exclusive blend of R.Black’s Hip-hop panache. Being the first of many singles that R.Black will be releasing in 2021, he sets the tempo with an eclectic flair of distinct vocals that cascade upon the mid-tempo pulsation of the instrumentation.

The weighty synths that play into the arrangement make, “I Luv It,” rather unforgettable. Dripping in witty quips and a combination of robust singings, and intricate emcee-like verses, the wide range of talents that R.Black emphasizes truly takes the stage in this staple performance.

The lyrical motif of, “I already know, we should take it slow, I already know, you won’t let me go,” has us mesmerized with the pre-chorus as we find this distinct presentation encompasses the best of R.Black in an irrefutable manner.

Continuing to explore the various paths of his artistic tenors, R.Black doesn’t hold back when releasing vessels of his creativity into the world. Catering to a variety of audience members, R.Black oozes reminiscent hues that have us falling into each word he charismatically articulates. “I Luv It,” is only the beginning of a year to remember with R.Black.

Congratulations on the release of, “I Luv It.” What inspired the 80’s Electro-Pop ambiance that you incorporated in this particular single?

Thank you, thanks for having me. I've always liked the sound of retro pop music. I had recently re-listened to Taylor Swift's 1989 album and watched a bunch of documentaries on Max Martin and Swedish Pop group ABBA. After binge-watching, I thought to myself, hmm, I would like to make a song that gives off that vibe I get while listening to "S.O.S" or "All You Had To Do Was Stay". Also the success of the Weeknd's "Blinding Lights" was a major source of inspiration.

In your own words, what does this song mean to you?

It means freedom to be yourself and like what you like. A lot of people are afraid to venture outside of their comfort zone and try to do what's expected of them. Sometimes you have to go with the feeling and not think too much.

With every artist being vastly different from the next, at what point do you know a song is complete?

I know it's finished when I can listen to it over and over again without wanting to change anything. Getting feedback is also very important to the process.

With a variety of singles set to be released this year, what can listeners expect to hear from your forthcoming releases?

They can expect to hear a mixture of different styles blended into each song. My ultimate goal is to have each song tell a story but not in the traditional sense. I want the listener to be able to relate to the feeling or vibe of the track, and hopefully, understand where I'm coming from.

What keeps you inspired to create music?

Honestly, I get a kick out of knowing that somebody somewhere is listening to a song that I made. I really enjoy being able to express myself through music and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be heard. Sometimes I'll spend weeks, even months working on a single track but I think it's worth it if even one person is listening to the finished product.


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