Stomp Your Feet to Kadooh's Latest Hit, "Rattlesnake Bite"

From Alberta, Canada, the evolving singer-songwriter and country-rock artist Kadooh release a heavy summertime groove with his latest single, "Rattlesnake Bite."

Kadooh grew up listening to the stylings of Charley Pride, Conway Twitty, Garth Brooks, and many more. After turning his passion into a career, Kadooh spent an entire decade in the rock band State of Shock, while recently crossing over into the country genre with his evolving solo career.

Now releasing his hard-hitting single, "Rattlesnake Bite," the song is not only influenced and inspired by Kadooh's close friend Chad Kroeger, but the award-winning musician and songwriter also hopped on board as co-producer. Expanding on the single, Kadooh had this to say, "This song is a put down your phone, get up and head to the dance floor anthem! Allowing people to let loose and burn off some much-needed steam!"

Hitting play on "Rattlesnake Bite," the track begins with a blazing introduction through a foot-stomping drum arrangement, a blistering lead guitar, a plucky banjo, and a driving rhythm guitar. As Kadooh makes his powerful and vibrant vocal appearance, he begins to describe a fiery instrumental that caught his attention and led him to move and groove on the dancefloor.

We adore the high-energy feel and atmosphere of this track, as the entire instrumental perfectly allows any listener to lose themselves in the song's swing and intensity. Not to mention Kadooh's exhilarating performance; he leaves us cranking our speakers up to ten while doing the good old "Rattlesnake Bite."

Get down and dirty with help from Kadooh's latest anthemic single, "Rattlesnake Bite," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We're totally enthralled with the high-energy performance you've offered in your latest single, "Rattlesnake Bite." What inspired you to create such an anthemic and groovy single?

First off, thank you so much! The song developed from a riff I wrote and was plunking away on an acoustic one day while hanging out with Chad K. He turned and said “What is that?!?” “A lil riff I wrote,” I replied. He said, “well let’s write THAT one!!” Off to the races we went. We got into the studio and started laying down some scratch ideas and the song came flying out of the gates and we had this cool upbeat demo of music on our hands.

We started throwing around ideas for lyrics and Chad suggested “Rattlesnake Bite”…I kinda chuckled and said, “Haha that’s sorta silly!” And low and behold here we are with this neat dance tune called “Rattlesnake Bite”! A song we wrote about hearing another song that makes you put down your phone and or your issues for a few minutes and pulls you out to the floor or off your seat to let loose! Turned out super cool!

What was it like working alongside Chad Kroeger when creating the production for "Rattlesnake Bite?" How did he help navigate the track to where you wanted it to be?

Working with Chad and Jeff Johnson during the production of this song was amazing! Two very talented individuals helped steer this track into a very cool dance-along song! From the off-time head-bobbing bass line in the pre-chorus to the banjo licks, and the amazing slide guitar riffs that remind me of a car chase. They both took this song to exactly where I wanted it to be!

How did you write your lyrics for "Rattlesnake Bite" to be just as energetic and exciting as the instrumentation? Did you look towards any musical influences to channel their thrilling lyricism and vocal delivery during your songwriting process?

We wrote the lyrics in the thought of how you would react to something that grabs ya or “bites” ya per se ha! We obviously thought of other tracks that involved dance moves but also wanted to make it unique to the song itself. We actually re-wrote the chorus I think 6 times! Constantly pushing to make it better and say what we really wanted to say as far as keeping it upbeat and telling the listeners how this song affected the narrator and what transpired from that!

We must know, is the rattlesnake bite a known dance around the country music scene? Did you create "Rattlesnake Bite" solely for people to get down and do the dance?

We wanted to create the dance and so ours is the first as far as I am aware! We had a professional choreographer create a dance with her interpretation after listening to the song. We wanted people to react to the song and get up and dance to it. Whether following along with a dance we’ve created or had their own take on how the song makes them feel! That is the beauty of music…sing like no one’s listening and dance like no one’s watching!

What's next for you?

We are tidying up a few more songs to finish up my second EP and get ready to hit the road! Bring the upbeat live show that myself and the band love bringing to each and every stage we step on! Very excited to share all of what I’ve created with the world!! Thank you so much for your time!