Stoned Fox & His Melancholic Styling Transforms the Categories of Music!

Showcasing his music all across North America, artist Stoned Fox impresses us with his musical texture. You give one listen to Stoned Fox, and you can clearly hear that compelling dark and gloomy tone. In its consistency, it offers a different take on music. We can try to find artists to compare Stoned Fox too, and we come up completely short. We feel that his 2019 sound showcased an exclusive sounding to his artistry, and we're genuinely intrigued to see what 2020 brings. As for now, a walk along the past year of Stoned Fox. Stoned Fox released an album this past year, self-titled. The album consists of similar somber stylings throughout, but as we dive deeper into tracks such as "lovers", we find that Stoned Fox wants to keep the attention of listeners by integrating haunting and aggressive stylings.

From a vocal standpoint, Stoned Fox maintains that dark and shadowy ambiance, which is only further generated by the production. Progressing further into the album, "skeletons at the heart" offers a contrasting melody, where we hear very distinctive instrumentals that characterize the styling of this particular track. Nevertheless, that iconic mystic sounding of Stoned Fox remains consistent. We end the album with "wasted on Sunday", and as the title can hint at, the song is extremely laidback, offering a more lax version of Stoned Fox's music. His lyricism is filled with despair, which has undoubtedly been the very essence of the sounding from Stoned Fox. We know in the near future we can expect that similar exclusive sounding that is Stoned Fox.

Discover Stoned Fox and his music here!

Hey Stoned Fox! Thanks for coming back to BuzzMusic! How do you feel your artistic career has transformed throughout this year?

Hey guys! Thanks for having me back! I’d like to think my songwriting is getting better this year, as well I’ve been putting in the time learning more and more about the recording process. The ability to have my own studio and rehearsal space is a major change as well, which I love! The piano has become a new love of mine and I find myself looking forward to playing it more than the guitar now.  It is almost as if I started out on the wrong instrument.

The release of your album "deadman’s wonderland" was a highlight of your 2019! How was the creative process of the album, and did you prefer it over the recording process?

My creative process hasn't changed much over the years, I write as many lyrics as I can from personal experiences or whatever inspires me and usually the melodies aren't far behind that. It really is a full-time deal you don't sleep much when you find a lyric or song you start to love, it just keeps playing on repeat in your mind. I guess the creative process has more chance of being painful and heartbreaking and the recording process is all about experimentation and learning, so I’ll cast my vote towards a love of recording.

If listeners could only discover one track off of your released album, what track would you suggest? Can you describe the deeper meaning behind the song, personal to you?

Happiness forgotten is one that has a very classic stoned fox sound, but I have a love/hate relationship with it. The deeper meaning behind all that is that I was in a marriage that was falling apart from addiction, you can hear the story in the lyrics. The drinking, the drugs, the final straw when its all over. The graveyard in the video where I throw my wedding ring back into the water is the same graveyard where I proposed to my wife, so between the visual component and the lyrical side of things it is consumed by the darker side of life.

Residing in rural Ontario, how do you feel the music scene there is aiding in amplifying your current sound?

The music scene around here is wonderful, we have two great venues for open mics. The Bruce Wine Bar and The Crowbar and Variety have such great chemistry and ambiance it’s no wonder they attract so much talent. One of my favorite local acts is Miranda Journey you should check out her “skin and bones ep” on Spotify, it‘S so well done. I myself suffer from pretty severe anxiety so playing live right now isn’t on the table but I am hoping one day to break out of that, I’m happy for now to record at my own studio and rehearse new material.  I’m hoping 2020 is the year for the fox!

We fully know that the deep, gloomy, and darker sound is a huge characterization of your sound. Do you ever see yourself blending in contrasting genres from what you mainly create now?

I could see maybe if I were to write some new material with some other people that all of our inspirations would come together. But honestly, I’ve tried to write happy and upbeat things it just doesn't work for me, all my work is very personal and most of the time I’m somewhat gloomy and when it’s at it’s worst is when you reach for a pen or a guitar to keep those ghosts from becoming too much to handle. Side note, if my songs do start sounding happy lookout I’d be afraid my mind has snapped!

Thanks again for talking to us and our readers about your music over 2019! Where do you think you' are headed now artistically?

Thanks so much to everyone who works at BuzzMusic you gals and guys are amazing! In the new year I think I’m headed towards a really great new album, hopefully playing live again, and as always striving towards that gloomy authenticity because artists like that and those songs are the ones that inspire and save me at 4 am.