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Stonekite Releases Their Second Single “Something”

Stonekite is a Belgian band whom consists of Didier and Deiter Steenhaut. Both of the artists write their own lyrics and create their own melodies. Their second single Something” is a nice and exciting piece of music that if it reaches a large wide audience, we believe people can become moved and touched by the extravagant piece. The alternative sounding instrumental is a nice mixture between electronics and pop music. It’s uplifting with great melodies and a refreshing drive. "Something" has an atmospheric and sensational aura where everything feels intricate and detailed, adding a musical abduction into our ears where you become captive to the cultivating music and feel the self-indulgence. It’s a replenishing sound that’s quite exhilarating and can help eliminate any toxic feeling that may have been crowding your mood prior.  The vocal resonance and melody reminds me of those extremely enticing bands like The Neighbourhood, where their meticulous curation of their music creates a feeling of comfort and opens up a door to absorb you inside. I love the gorgeous sounds from the guitar and the rhythmic drum motion that manufactures the beat into something quite engrossing. You will surely feel “something” while listening to “Something”.

Check out Stonekite's "Something" now on Spotify, and read below for the bands exclusive interview, touching in on the meaning behind their second release!

What’s the inspiration behind your name “Stonekite” ?

When we thought of it, we found it exciting because it is a contradiction. A kite made of stone… an interesting thought… almost a ‘Magritte’ painting.

A kite refers to something exciting, uplifting, liberating. We hope about our music the same.

Tell us a little bit about your first release “Lovely Eyes” what was the meaning behind that song?

Within the song ‘Lovely Eyes’ you can find the same idea… an atmosphere of an uplifting, a refreshing encounter. We are a positive band, we like to look at things in a positive way. You can see that lightness in people’s eyes… eyes are the mirror of the soul. So, that’s where ‘Lovely Eyes’ comes from.

Any major differences between your first release and your most recent?

There is a kind of a line in our music… not that we have a fixed idea about it. There is no script. Still we give our pianoparts and the instruments which create an atmosphere much attention. That atmosphere is the backbone of STONEKITE.

Again, there are no theories… we follow what we feel. That is an honest way of creating. For example, in our latest song ‘SOMETHING’ we added an effect on the voice in the verses. We are not used to this. Still we thought it suited the idea behind the song: a numb feeling in the verse in contrast with an uplifting chorus of spiritual height. So we did it.

What’s the meaning behind “Something” ?

Everybody needs to find belief in something (or someone). The idea of not being alone… of finding happiness or healing in the world around us is carved in the human soul. “Me alive, you alive, we arise…” is in fact a realistic way of looking at the world. We’re alive… so these are the cards we hold in our hands.

To believe in something or someone is a way to play with these cards. Belief, hope and love make the game much more enjoyable.

Any exciting upcoming live performances?

At this moment there are plans to play concerts in autumn 2019. We are working on that and the rehearsals have already started.


Connect with Stonekite on the bands website and socials:


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