Stop, Drop and Foxtrot to Gerry Smoot’s “Smooth Talk”

Owensboro, Kentucky’s Gerry Smoot is a dedicated, jazz musician. Since the age of 2, he has been adding a multitude of instruments to his repertoire including piano, drums, guitar, and organ. His skill was soon noticed and he ended up accompanying jazz saxophonist Rob White on the keyboard internationally. Since then, Gerry Smoot has been working to release new music for his fans at his own company “Key of Smooth Productions” in Evansville, Indiana. From his newest album “My Philosophy,” Gerry Smoot’s song “Smooth Talk” is an instrumental rendition of smooth jazz. He immediately transports his listeners to the front door of the New York Jazz Lounge. When listening to “Smooth Talk,” you can almost taste the whiskey and smell the cigars in the jazz and blues environment. The song begins with a blues-style keyboard beat mixed with a finger snap at every bar. High pitch piano riffs join the mix without delay, along with soft taps of a cymbal soon after. Gerry Smoot then takes over on the piano; proving to his audience how instrumentally talented he is. It is clear that Gerry has a natural ear for music with the way he seamlessly blends the instrumentals together to complement his piano playing. “Smooth Talk” should truly be the soundtrack to a fancy, upscale bar scene in a James Bond movie. The song simply makes you want to stop, drop and foxtrot! With elements of blues and jazz, Gerry Smoot delivers a mature taste to all music lovers.

Listen to "Smooth Talk" here.