Strength And Perseverance Run Deep In Gmack The Bandman’sNewest Release “Kamikaze”

Born and raised in the streets of Raleigh, North Carolina, Donnell Cannady, better known for his professional name Gmack the Bandman is overcoming his real life experiences and turning them into success. After almost losing his life at 19 years old, Gmack lost a kidney and was in a coma for 3 days. The young up and comer wasn’t expected to make it, but he pushed through and is an undeniable symbol of strength and perseverance. Putting his faith in  a higher power, Gmack survived his gun wounds and immediately sought refuge in music. Gmack the Bandman was later signed to Money Over Death Records in Los Angeles, California. With many performances and events under his belt, Gmack currently works diligently in the studio – while his recently released single “Kamikaze” gets worked into clubs and DJ booths across the country.

The intense club banger “Kamikaze” showcases Gmack’s gifted songwriting ability and flawless flow. The song boasts Gmack the Bandman’s confidence in the most effortless way. I love the horn instrumental samples that add a unique swagger to this dope track. “Kamikaze” is a track all about how far you can get when you hustle, Gmack the Bandman fully throws himself into everything he curates. The emotion and soul behind his vocals come blasting through the speakers. Gmack uses music as an outlet for what he’s been through and it’s presented in the most raw and artistic way. We love the collaboration of Gmack the Bandman and DJ Wade Banner, it’s a smooth chemistry that’s sure to be a fire track this summer. Give a strong nod to the power of his music and make sure you follow Gmack The Bandman on Spotify. 

Listen to “Kamikaze” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!


Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by telling us more about how you got started making music?

I first started making music when I was about 14 years old but didn't get serious with it until I met up with Herukhuti Ausar and signed to Money Over Death Records in my late teens.

How did you come up with this stage name?

Well, the "G" is for gangsta cause Im gangsta, "Mack" is because I mack all the ladies, and "Bandman" because I love to get them bands $$$ so that's the meaning of "Gmack The Bandman.

What’s the meaning behind your track “Kamikaze”?

The meaning behind "Kamikaze" is basically just explaining my grind for the paper which is crazy! I'm always working some how some way! 

What emotions do you channel when creating your music?

I channel different emotions through my music. Depending on how I'm feeling at the moment and what I might be going through at that moment determines my emotions in my music. 

What’s next for you and your career?

Next for myself and my career is plenty more dope music and hard work,  plus building more relationships along the journey with my label Money Over Death Records.


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